Mega Fortune Casino Slot

Mega Fortune slot game is coming into its 10th year on the market, which is outstanding longevity for a slot game in the internet age when everyone has the attention span of a mosquito!

A potential top prize of 4 million coins no-doubt helps to keep players coming back to this relatively simple game that’s themed around high-roller lifestyles.

(As the world turns politically against the superrich, will slot designers start producing some more politically astute games with more aware theming? We won’t hold our breaths because we like breathing! Plus, the fantasy of instant wealth is basically what lies behind a lot of the online gambling industry – make sure you play safely and with realistic expectations.)

Now we’ve given our boring lecture, we can tell you that it’s amazing that this game is still winning fans nearly 10 years after it was released. It’s from NetEnt, who are an enormous presence in the online video slot market, and a trusted name with all the right boxes ticked in their licensing and safety sections.

This Mega Fortune slot game is fairly typical of its time – if you can remember back that far – with relatively simple graphics, but a fair amount of sophistication around the bonus games. It plays on all platforms, but works really well on desktop screens – check it out on these and mobiles and see what you think.

Let’s find out more in this Mega Fortune slot review.

The Facts and Figures

With a name like Mega Fortune, you want some big prizes right? So how does NetEnt’s glamour and gold machine weigh up?

Well, surprisingly for this theming, it has a low variance RTP, meaning that the game pays slightly lower prizes, but is more likely to pay them more often. It’s also got a theoretical return to player that’s slap, bang average! Fair enough, and 96.4%, which some players like to understand as a house edge of 3.6%, is still generous.

The big news though is to be found in the top prize, a whacking big 4 million coins. To win that you’ll need to hit the top of the staking range, an enormous scale from 0.01 coins to 50 coins (1p to £50 in UK money, and always check these figures where you are playing).

There are 25 pay-lines you’ll need to hit to win those big prizes, and they are played out over a 5-by-3 grid that you can spin on any device supporting Flash. You may need to enable Flash in your browser to play this game, and you should always make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the software installed on your machine to stay safe.

How to Play Mega Fortune Slot

Playing this game will show you how little game set-up has changed over the years. The controls are very similar to what you’ll find on a 2019 machine.

On a desktop, they’re stripped along the bottom of the screen under the reels. Green buttons dominate the centre of the screen, with the spin button at the centre. Bet lines and bet level are set to the left, and a max bet button bumps your stake to the top at the right, where you can also set the coin value. The figures for all of these values are recorded in a window underneath the buttons.

At the far left of the screen, there is a Bet window, with your current wager in it. You’ll hope to see a bigger number in the win window on the right.

The game controls – settings, sound, Autospin, and help – are in the game frame. In common with a lot of NetEnt games from this period, the pay-table button is in the frame of the reels, and a feature preview button lets you look ahead to where you might find:


The symbols all come from the supposed Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Cards are converted into big, precious stone heavy rings, with jacks paying 3, 10, and 75-times stake for three, four and five symbols. Queens pay 4, 15, and 100-times stake. Kings pay 5, 20, and 125-times stake. Aces pay 5, 30, and 150-times stake.

Then we get a Brandy and Cigar paying 10, 40, and 200-times stake. A gold watch (a Rolex we hope, we like the classics) pays 15, 50, and 300. A stack of dollars pays 25, 100, and 500-times stake. The top symbol is a white limo paying out from two symbols, at: 2, 30, 200, and 1,000-times stake.

The special symbols trigger bonus games, but also have a payout value.

The scatter is a Champagne bottle paying out from two symbols, at 2, 3, 10, and 100-times stake. The wild – a speedboat – pays 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000-times stake.

Mega Fortune Slot Bonus Games

The scatter also triggers the main bonus game, a free spins round with a multiplier.

Three scatters trigger the spins, with a multiplier that runs from 1 to 5-times on wins.

A gold wheel has no value in the game but triggers the second bonus game, a Wheel of Fortune game.

This game opens on a wheel with four concentric wheels with numbers and arrows on them. Round and round it goes… you know the drill, and if you hit an arrow you go to the next wheel, with bigger prizes, if you hit a number you win that prize and the game ends. At the centre of the reels is the Mega Fortune Jackpot.

The Verdict

This game might not have aged all that well in aesthetic terms, but there’s no criticising it’s awesomely good gameplay and the possibility of wins that could make that mega-rich lifestyle more than a day-dream.

In fact, the look of the game is so of its time that we think it might even have come back into fashion again! It’s got quite an 80s Miami Vice vibe to us, and if that’s your taste you’ll love this.

NetEnt games always deliver a great experience to players, and this one is no different, with two very good bonus games, including a completely adrenaline-pumping wheel game – it’s funny, that with all the technology and analytics in the world, the best games turn out to be the ones we went for naturally with zero tech hundreds of years ago!

Fancy trying Mega Fortune slot to win the jackpot? We think it’s worth your attention, and you should find it at your favourite Mega Fortune casino site today.