Dead or Alive 2 Slot Game – Review, RTP & Free Play Casino Demo

Are you ready to attempt to kill large numbers of people?! Well, you’re in luck with Dead or Alive 2 slot, the game from NetEnt that is themed around murder gangs in lawless 19th-century America.

Sorry for putting things that way (which is the truth), the correct way to describe this game is as an adventure-themed Old West game!

That’s right, we’re back among the dusty frontier towns and swinging saloon doors of the classic western, more a movie genre than an accurate reflection of life in the actual “Old West” era in the United States, which really was pretty grim in a lot of ways.

It’s an interesting period though if you’re interested in history. You won’t learn much about it from Dead or Alive 2. What you will learn is that NetEnt still deliver a ruthlessly efficient gaming experience and have some of the best designers in the business on their books.

While the template for the look might not be all that authentic, it’s true to the milieu here and very effective. The sound too plays its part without being too intrusive (there’s always a mute button) while adding to the ambience of the game.

Should you saddle up and ride on out over the planes though? Let’s find out in this Dead or Alive 2 slot review.

The Developers of Dead or Alive 2 Slot

NetEnt is one of the largest companies in the world of online video slots.

A well-regarded industry audit site lists around 300 slots from the company at UK casino sites. Its games are available in nearly 700 casino sites.

More than that, NetEnt is a massive producer of behind-the-scenes software and run their own sites. This gives the company enormous power, and their games are heavily featured at almost every site you’re likely to come across.

NetEnt has the number one and number four titles in the UK market according to this site’s charts. The current title, Dead or Alive 2 is also in the top 10, at number eight. Starburst is the UK’s favourite online slot and it plays a huge role in the industry, providing a load of free spins offers. That number four title, Gonzo’s Quest, is also an iconic title and has been a hit for nearly a decade now.

The company produces new titles every month and will probably be around and at the top table in the industry for the foreseeable future.

The Facts and Figures of Dead or Alive 2 Slot

What do you get from this game?

The first thing to note is that Dead or Alive 2 slot is rated as having “high” volatility. That means that the prizes it pays out are – on average – larger, but that they are paid out less often. It is relatively unusual to see “high volatility” games, but they are generally styled in reviews as being aimed at “high rollers”. This is true to an extent, but you should remember that these measures are very imprecise and you will have a broadly similar experience of gameplay from almost all modern slot games.

The game’s theoretical return to player is also high at 96.8%. Again, don’t get too excited as this is a life-time measure, not an expectation as to how you will do in a particular playing session. However, higher numbers are always welcome. The top prize is also impressive, at 2,000,000 coins. Betting (in UK currency) is from 9p to £18. Please be sure you check the details of any machine you are playing and that you understand coin values, stake setting, and pay-out limits.

You can play this game, which was released in April 2019, on desktops, mobiles, and tablets and you’ll need to see those wins on one of nine pay lines. The game requires JavaScript and HTML5 to run.

The Game

Dead or Alive 2 plays in a very standard way.

The reels are central with a control panel along the bottom of the screen and pay-lines numbered up and down the sides of the reels.

At the left of the control panel is an information button to trigger the paytable. Then you can set your bet amount via a level selector. The central control panel links the autoplay and maximum button functions around a spin button. To the right of this, you complete the betting procedure by setting the coin value, and you can watch your balance go up and down at the far right of the screen.

The game’s frame contains all the other controls you might need, including settings, another autoplay function, help and volume controls.

How to Win

At the bottom of the paytable are the old familiar symbols from the card deck, running from 10s to aces.

The high-paying symbols are western-themed, with a bottle and glass, a pair of boots, a hat, a gun and a sheriff’s star-making up the set.

A set of wilds feature characters, all gangsters, with three men and two women. These pay out and sub for everything except the scatter, a pair of crossed guns, which also has a pay-out value.

Dead or Alive 2 Slot Bonuses

There’s a lot of action here.

The five wilds all have their own special attributes and each appear on just one reel. The top pay-out for these is 166.66x stake for the full set.

Free spins come via the scatters and comes in three flavours.

The scatters trigger these, as well as paying out up to 2,500x stake for a full house.

Three or more scatters trigger a set of 12 free spins with three options.

Train heist spins add a wild counter which ratchets up a multiplier as you hit wilds, also adding an extra free spin for each wild. The maximums are five extra free spins and a 16x multiplier.

Old Saloon spins have a doubling multiplier on all wins and extra free spins for a full set of wilds.

High Noon Saloon spins throws everything at you, with sticky wilds and increasing multipliers that can deliver a total win from this feature of 40,500x stake.

The top pay-out on Dead or Alive 2 is reportedly the top non-progressive prize in the online slots world. This is the £2million headline prize and to win it you’ll need to be playing at top stakes and hit all the bonuses in the top High Noon Saloon free spins feature.

The Verdict

What’s not to like about this game? It looks good, it plays well, and it has an enormous top prize.

Loads of imagination and skill from NetEnt has produced a game that looks likely to become a global hit and a long-time classic. We’re going to be looking out for news reports on that top prize paying out because while it’s possible you’re going to need a lot of things to go your way to hit it. Unlike a progressive, there are no guarantees with this pay-out so it will be interesting to see when it does pay out.

The only downside we can see to this game is the relative complexity of the bonus features. If you want a quick click and spin experience then this game might not be for you, but it’s easy enough to get your head around and offers some real depth in the gameplay if that’s your bag of gold.

We say get stuck in and enjoy this saloon trip to a golden age of gambling with added 21st-century pay-out potential.