Eggomatic Slot Game – Review & Free Play Casino Demo

And now for something completely different! Whoever came up with the idea for this Eggomatic slot game has some disturbing dreams at night. Brilliantly disturbed I might add.

Some of the imagery from this game reminds me of the Wallace and Grommit animations especially with the “Eggomatic Machine” that churns out the eggs which go on the conveyor belt. At any moment I expect Grommit to show his face on the reels!

To play this game, you’ll be transported off to an egg production factory where the Eggomatic slot machine is waiting for you to start the egg production. There is a lot going on in this game, and it can take a few spins to orientate yourself with the gameplay. It’s easy enough to play, I mean ANY slots game is easy to play – you just press the spin button right! But it’s the finer points of the game that we are interested in as slots game fans. This is probably a marmite game for most slots game players where you’ll either love the brilliantly created graphics or hate the low payout rate. Or both.

Following on from the Dracula slots game that I covered recently the free spins in this one are hard to obtain as well, so you’ll either enjoy watching the superb gameplay or get bored waiting for the free spins round.

One of the great features of this game is that something different happens with every spin.

Eggomatic Slot Game Overview

The Eggomatic egg-laying machine lays on the right-hand side of the screen and when you press “spin” it cranks into action and begins the egg-laying process. This is a cartoon animated type slot with a matching Disney style soundtrack, the roosters sit on the reels and decide exactly what you’ll be paid out with.

As the eggs are produced, they are laid onto a conveyor belt above the reels. Each egg can contain a different present being a coin win, free spins, spreading wilds or a complete surprise.

If the egg contains a coin win then it showers down golden eggs, spreading wilds turn all the adjacent symbols wild, and the free spin egg sets off the free spin feature. It’s this feature that really makes the game, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t show its yolk too often.

Is it better than Dracula slot? I think it is – just play the game and decide for yourself. It may scramble your brain and egg site you in equal measure.

Trigger 50 free spins for a massive payday.

Eggomatic Slot Features

Wild Symbol

The Wild Rooster symbol substitutes for all other symbols on the main reels and a feature egg on the conveyor belt is activated.

Spreading Wilds

This is a blue egg with a wild W in the centre of it. This transforms all the adjacent symbols into wilds.

Free Spins

The free spins egg on the conveyor belt shows you how many free spins you could get (7, 10,12,15,20,25, 30 or 50). At the start of the free spins round the Eggomatic will deliver four eggs onto the conveyer belt. Each subsequent spin places a new egg on the belt so eggs are always moving along across the top. It’s possible to win all the different eggs during the free spins which mean that you can retrigger the free spins round.

Coin Win Egg

This gives you a coin win of 50, 100 200, 500 100, or 2,500 coins.

Eggomatic Slot – The Verdict

If playing slots for huge jackpots is the only reason for you to play then you won’t like this. If however, you enjoy some of the finer points of how a slots game is constructed like the idea, the graphics and general gameplay then you’ll break an egg to play it. If you beat it too hard, then you’ll come away with a smile on your face, and you’ll have it cracked.

For those that don’t like you can go back to playing Mega Fortune slot for the huge jackpots, but this is an interesting slot with a lot going for it.