Casino Software Guide: Choose a Casino Software Provider Best for You

You know all those excellent slots you just love to play week after week, or the software which keeps the roulette wheel spinning, or poker cards being dealt? We have news for you: it doesn't just appear overnight.

In fact, there is a lot of effort and skill which goes into producing the casino software we all use when playing our favourite games. From the interface of a website to the clever twists and turns of a video slot, there are companies which have invested blood, sweat, and tears into making that experience as engaging as smooth as possible.

These companies are, of course, software developers. To be more precise, they are known as casino and gaming software developers. The quality, ambition, and final product of each developer varies, as do the online casinos which turn to them in order to provide an entertaining and pleasurable experience for players. Some players even have their own favourite developer and turn to their games first and foremost.

Below, we take at the most well-respected software developers in the business today.


UK players will recognise Microgaming as a software developer of the highest quality. With almost 900 games under their belt, the Isle of Man-based company has seen it all and been around for what seems like forever. To be more precise, they have been doing their thing since 1994. The software giants - widely regarded as the best in the online casino software sphere - claim to have invented the first online casino software.

These days fans will find their awesome products and games feature in the very best land-based and online casinos around the world. Online is where they reign. A typical online casino which is powered by Microgaming is usually packed full of quality software. Games such as high-class slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, live dealer games and many more are available to play instantly or via their downloadable software.

As trailblazers of online casino software, they do move with a discernible confidence, and this is no surprise given their status as one of the absolute masters of online casino software development. Where would the online casino industry without Microgaming? UK players would certainly miss their craft.

This extraordinary company has become even better known in the last decade, as they are responsible for introducing mega jackpots to online casinos, among other key features which continue to earn them huge praise for their efforts.


What can we say about NetEnt that has not already been said before? This developer is typically among the pack leaders of online casino providers. This is as NetEnt is synonymous with quality. With tremendous graphics, intriguing plotlines, and games designed with nothing left to the imagination, NetEnt certainly deserves its place among the online gaming elite.

NetEnt specialises in supplying hundreds of online casinos with its superlative-earning software and collection of games. The straightforward nature and high-playability of their titles mean for hours and hours of fun in front of your laptop, computer, or mobile device. In the modern age, there is an abundance of ways to enjoy this trailblazing software.

Spellbinding, interesting, and unquestionably engaging, NetEnt's creations are undoubtedly a major part of what makes online casinos the playgrounds of many keen slots and casino aficionados. Big on style, colour, innovation and bringing characters to life, the NetEnt brand always indicates an interesting road ahead for players.

As it stands, NetEnt's portfolio incorporates hundreds of motion picture, music and TV-themed slots and games which are currently accessible to play on a wide number of devices. Working around the clock to push their way to even more inspirational levels, their suite of recreations develops titles to capture the imagination of even the most nonchalant player.

Play’n GO

UK players may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Sweden's online software kings, Play'n Go, are directly responsible for many of the games they love. Started by a group of consultants and tech-heads, the brains behind the operation created a company which came to be regarded as crucial to the online casino industry.

The software the company are known to produce is absolutely outstanding. The company has its history as far back as 1994, which may not seem like a long time ago to most, but it certainly is for an online casino developer. What we like about Play'n Go is that they stand out from their competitors - not just for their work in developing software - but that they are aiming to be the best in the business, not just the biggest developer on the planet.

Their efforts have led to class results and what is widely regarded as simply game-changing software is underpinned by a genuine concern for how players will receive their games. As such, Play n'Go has become the hallmark of sorts for casinos and clients all around the world. Players in the UK have a lot of respect for Play n'Go. The company is simply one of the best in the online casino software realm. Constantly evolving and wowing, there can be no doubting this company's place in the industry.


Playtech is an outstanding software developer which should be known to many UK players. For those who don't know, Playtech is essentially the driving force of a percentage of the largest players in the iGaming industry. These crafty software developers have come to be recognized as one of the go-to names in the online casino industry as a result. It has been well over 15 years that they have been producing solutions to the online casino software industry in pretty convincing fashion.

Playtech effectively promises superior quality when it comes to the run of their games and software. It is no wonder that players have been enjoying this company's product via download, instant play, live dealer and mobile features for over a decade. Those with a love of the movies - or comic books - will be impressed by the wide range of games based on some of the most beloved franchises. It is not just in slots or casinos games where Playtech's mark can be felt: their reach expands to sports betting, bingo, lottery, poker and many more areas.

Playtech still continues to ask some challenging questions to the rest of the players in the industry. In addition, they have some awesome games to show for their efforts.


Another European online betting software developer which UK players should recognise is Betsoft. The company can attribute their fame to their excellent 3D video slots which are industry leading when the company is at their best. These games have never been as popular among players, on account of their trailblazing graphics, ridiculously meticulous production values and engaging features which keep slots players happy.

You may think that the company is exclusive to slots, but that is not the case. Many can often overlook the fact that Betsoft Gaming produces a litany of casino games, including roulette, blackjack, craps, and even video poker, and keno, too. Much like many of its competitors, Betsoft tends to dominate among a large number of the foremost online casinos around the world.

There is an argument that Betsoft is one of the main reasons why the need for constant improvement is so pronounced in the online casino software. This is highly unlikely to change any time soon. Given the company's propensity to give fans what they want, many will agree that they are certainly in the same tier as some of their competitors when it comes to positive reaction and player satisfaction. For players, this is never anything less than a great thing.

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

Realtime Gaming has their eyes set on joining the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, Play n'Go, NetEnt, and the other instant hits of the software development company. There is no doubt that the company continues to contribute to the advancements in online casino software. Having been established in 1999, the company has been around the block and has made themselves known as one of the pillars of a burgeoning online software development industry which continues to grow exponentially.

Sometimes the little features of a company can really contribute to their worth as a power. If a company has more than little features to add, then it is Realtime Gaming, who place real value on back-end management options to players. Power to the people! These certainly add something unique to many of their products. With a strong catalogue of gaming software which encompasses pretty much everything you would expect to find at a casino, its slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and general developments are standouts.

The Real Series of games has shown that there is always space for more innovative designs to bring to an established industry. This is a hallmark of the company. Additionally, Realtime Gaming wants to push the envelope even further by injecting realism into their designs. This is evidenced in their desire to 'Take Gaming Seriously,' which is exceptionally refreshing when compared to other companies.


Quickspin has converted a huge amount of fans on account of its innovative designs, and its smart Swedish style and conviction. The slots which Quickspin are known to have captivated fans ever since the company opened its doors. From the UK to Australia, there are a number of fans who are keen on this company's product. Given the skill the developers at Quickspin are renowned for, slots enthusiasts and players of all kind have had some pretty special things to say about the company.

Quickspin shows that the right planning and talent to make things work can get you far in the world of online casino games development. The company does go a long way to ensuring that their emphasis on providing an all-around casino experience is well and truly embraced by the players who come to play their games. Quickpsin is certainly a player-friendly company with a difference.


Rival has been a welcome part of the online casino business since 2006. The provider opened their doors and showed their intentions off at the Global iGaming Summit & Expo, and wowed everyone in attendance. Under the Rival umbrella are a number of other innovations and designs which reach beyond software, giving the brand a major presence in marketing and solutions. Rival has over 160 of their own unique games as part of its extensive catalogue.

Slots are a massive part of this company's offering, and it shows in their excellent range of slots. The company are certainly one of the pioneers of modern day online casino software - are also a majorly ethical brand, who put significant emphasis on fair play. Given their attitude to such practices, we can see why the company has earned a reputation for being a true fan-favourite. Rival deserves their title as one of the most creative of software developers out there.

In fact, there is a reason to back them to do something truly special in the industry. There are only a few companies with the ability to switch things up, and Rival is one.

Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming, it can be argued, created the "blueprint" for many of the strategies online casino developers use these days. UK players may be surprised to know that the company's roots stretch back to the 1950's, which is incredibly rich when compared to a high number of their competitors. There was no internet around back then, so the company's work was focused on analogue games, but still, they are pretty much far and away the company with the most impressive legacy.

This old-school approach does not translate to their modern work, at least not in a bad way. Some of the company's slots have become favourites on the market, given their quirky and original design. Blueprint Gaming has many cool innovations and advancements which are more in line with the modern age.


Players can only celebrate the number of high-quality software development studios which are currently operating these days in the online casino sphere. Year after year, it seems that there are more and more developments and advancements out there for casino enthusiasts to enjoy, and it is only made possible by the big players putting in the work.