Casino Banking

Unless you have no desire to play with real money as a UK casino enthusiast, there will be a time when you will have to make an online casino deposit. This guide is about the best casino banking options in the UK.

Casino BankingLuckily enough, online casino banking is made straightforward by most reputable casinos. As banking is lawful and regulated in the United Kingdom, there are no restrictions on making an online casino deposit.

Security is an important aspect of online casino banking, so safeguarding personal information is important. Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a casino which is not just safe but does not charge deposit/withdrawal fees and has fast payouts. While the big guns generally cater to players with ease, other sites are not as good.

Popular Casino Banking Methods in the UK

Here are some of the most popular casino deposit methods in the UK. If you’re looking for an online casino accepting your favourite payment method, see the list of UK online casinos that take:

What is casino banking and how to make an online casino deposit?

We love playing online video slots, casino games simulators, and live casino games. But would you play them for free? Actually, we do advise taking advantage of as much free play as you can, in order – if nothing more – to be an expert in any game before you start losing money on a game you don’t fully understand.

But the truth is that most players play casino games for money. You can win, and maybe win big, and that is the biggest attraction of online casino games.

The early internet was a gambling wasteland because there was no way of transmitting money. Oh, how things have changed!

Online casino payment methods

To play for money you need to fund an account.

You can do this in a number of ways, but all of them are pretty easy and most of them are instant, or so close to being instant that you won’t notice.

Broadly speaking you can use the following casino payment options:

Credit cards: to be used with caution because you’re playing with money you don’t yet have.

Debit cards: probably the most popular way to cash up a casino account is by using a card that takes money straight from your bank account. Visa Debit is the most popular brand. But if you have a legitimate bank account you shouldn’t have any problems with using online casino banking.

Electronic wallets: these are growing quickly in number and effectiveness. People like them because they’re built to be used online so they’re quick and easy to deploy. They also put a buffer between your bank account and the internet, which is often a good thing.

Pay by phone: the newest way to pay online is by using your phone. It’s either done by making your phone an interface in a payment system or by putting charges onto your phone bill. Super convenient because most players are now playing on their phone.

Cryptocurrencies: these are also designed for use online. They work well and are generally secure. But, you should be wary of a casino site that only operates with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Traditional banking: wire transfers and banking transfers, even cheques, are still accepted by lots of casino sites.

Making an online casino deposit

Casinos make giving them money very easy – maybe you can work out why. Really, all you need to do to make an online casino deposit. Firstly, set up an account, then use a simple interface to fund your account.

In order to set up your account, you should have to prove your identity in some way. Having a bank account and card might be enough for some sites. Others will ask you to send scans of identity documents. (One of the complaints that players make is that these checks are most often made AFTER you have funded your account but BEFORE you can withdraw!).

Although such checks are a pain in the neck in some ways there’s a lot to be said for them. A safe and legal play is in the interests of players, and casinos that do their best to keep out criminals and money launderers are good news. So complain a little, but not too much.

How to make an online casino deposit step by step:

So let’s say you have an account set up and now you want some money in it to play, say, roulette.

Here are the steps:

  • Simply click to bring up the account details. You will find no lack of prompts or suggestions of how to do this – by clicking on account or cashier or banker.
  • And then you should follow the details onscreen. That’s the beauty of online casino banking in the 21st century. It’s very quick, very easy and very intuitive.
  • You may be able to register an account or wallet and link it to your account for one-touch payments.

It’s as simple as that!

Safe Online Casino Banking

Whenever you use real money, you should be cautious. Licences and security should be checked well before you hand over money, as should all the help options at the casino site you’re using.

You wouldn’t go into a shop with no goods on display, hand over cash to a guy who then goes off promising to come back with what you want. But that’s essentially what we do online.

Just keep your wits around you and you’ll be fine.

How to find the fastest withdrawal online casino

Casinos know – or they should know – that banking is a big deal for customers. It’s a big feature of all reviews on casino sites because people demand to know that the sites they are using are safe and legal places to handle their money.

So finding a casino that honestly handles your money is an important part of picking where to play.

Most casino sites will have a page that covers their banking policies. It’s our advice that you make this page one of your first stops when you sign up at a site. In fact, make it your first stop before you sign up at a page.

Here you should expect to find a list of all the payment methods that the site accepts. You should also find a list of the times it takes to accept payments from these methods – these will almost all be instant.

Then you’ll find a list of payment times from the casino to the player. These are typically not instant. That’s a shame because it is technically possible for a site to give you your money on the spot using some systems – most e-wallets.

However, most sites will warn of an up-to-24-hour period even for instant payment methods.

Yes, it’s fair to expect to wait a while for a cheque or a bank transfer, but it’s not quite so fair to hold up electronic payments.

Use the sites’ own information, but also take a look at review sites and forums where you’ll find a lot of lively discussion on the quickest paying casino sites.

While you’re looking at payment times, also check for any fees that will be charged. These should be very small if they are there at all, and you might consider them a deal-breaker in some cases.

The money in your casino account is your money, you should be able to get it as quickly as if you were reaching into your own pocket. Expect nothing less!

Verification is important

You cannot withdraw from any online casino in the UK unless you verify your identity. This is nothing to worry about and is effectively an industry-wide practice in the UK. This is to ensure that players are over 18 and to battle online fraud and money laundering.

Verifying your account is important and it can be done with relative ease. Most sites allow players to simply submit a copy of your ID and proof of address, but every casino has its own rules and things may differ depending on who you play with.

Online Casino Banking Methods in the UK

Casino Banking Methods

Here are some of the most popular online casino banking methods in the UK. See which one is for you an make an online casino deposit at your favourite gambling site.

Credit/Debit Cards

Visit practically any online casino as a UK player and you will find a facility to deposit using credit or debit cards. In fact, one of the most common ways to deposit to their casino wallets is by using a credit card. Many cite convenience as the leading factor for using a debit or credit card for their online casino business –  as there is a relationship between sites and card companies, it is also safe.

Using credit cards means that any online casino will be happy to do business with you. Sites often players that use credit cards, but don’t simply use them for this reason. Credit cards typically carry fees, which means that there may be a charge for you using your card. These charges can build up over time. And, if you are being charged by your credit card company and the casino, then you will feel it, eventually.

Always remember that credit card payments will also accrue interest, which is another financial outgoing to consider. They are an excellent way of banking when playing casino games, but they are not always the best value.

Debit cards work just like credit cards but are directly linked to your bank account. This means that you can only generally spend what you have (in addition to an overdraft). Some casinos charge fees when using a debit card, but these are rare.


Who doesn’t love PayPal? Well, while the answer is not everyone, there is no doubt that the king of e-wallets is one of the most popular banking methods online. Given that a large number of people have a PayPal account, many find the convenience of depositing and withdrawing to a PayPal account works very well for them. Even if you don’t have an account, getting your hands on one is easy enough.

The greatest thing about PayPal is the instant nature of their deposits and the super-quick withdrawal time which works out at around 48 hours max for withdrawals. This means that you can get your hands on your cash exceptionally faster than other methods. Many of the larger casinos state that they can process payments within 24 hours for players in the United Kingdom, which is simply awesome.


Neteller has been one of the top casino banking methods for online casino players in the UK for a long time. The company has the backing of Optimal Payments PLC and a strong reputation among casino players. It is also operational in more than 180 countries leaving a high number of Neteller’s competitors in the shade when it comes to providing a sound payment option.

More than this, Neteller gives players anonymity and security. In fact, all sensitive information is protected and stored in one place. When you are worried about your online safety, this is crucial. Getting your hands on an account is simple, too, which is great. Neteller is one of the main options provided to players in online casinos in the UK, which says a lot for its appeal.

While everyone has their favourite payment method, it’s not hard to see why Neteller does well.


Players in the UK have more options than the above. Skrill, for one, is a popular way to make an online casino deposit. The company process deposits and withdrawals to many casinos, giving players the opportunity to fund and withdraw their winnings. Getting your Skrill account is easy, and simply involves providing your bank details and name/address etc.

Players fund their Skrill accounts through their personal bank account. In order to use this option, all you need to do is select the option from the casino’s drop-down menu, where you will be taken to the Skrill account to confirm the deposit amount and confirmation. Following confirmation, your balance will show the deposit. When it comes to withdrawals, processing time – like PayPal and Neteller – is generally a lot shorter than credit cards or bank transfers.

What more could you ask for?


Many UK players agree that Paysafecard is very easy to use. You do not need a bank account or credit card, which is a huge bonus for those without either. Anyone who appreciates anonymity may also find that Paysafecard is a good option for making an online casino deposit. The way it works makes the process of depositing and playing online casino games as easy as you are bound to come by with any casino payment method.

Here’s how it works: Paysafecard is a voucher-based system which allows players to obtain vouchers from a number of stores. Once you have purchased your voucher, you can then deposit using the Paysafecard method at any online casino. This payment system is used on a number of platforms from entertainment to social media and is a trusted and much-used brand.

This is definitely a payment method which works exceptionally well for players in the UK.  There are thousands of outlets where you can purchase your code in order to fund your account. This means, of course, that you are unlikely to ever run into any trouble finding somewhere you can obtain a code. Processing times are also pretty quick, meaning less of a wait in turnaround. For anyone who prefers to separate online casino time from their business or life in general, this is the payment method which may suit.

Pay by Phone

Paying by phone is certainly becoming one of the more popular online casino banking methods in the UK. It is an option which many players prefer to use, especially since it does involve having to pay from a bank account.  The outstanding balance is simply added to a phone bill which is paid at a later date.

Depending on the online casino and their rules around paying by phone, there may be certain phone networks or even individuals who will not have access to paying this way. For the most part, you can be confident in finding a site which will allow you to pay by phone. There is a sense of security which the casino will want with any transaction. So, once they know that they will be paid by the mobile operator, they should entertain this.


EntroPay uses the Visa network for online payments, meaning that the service is a fantastic choice for savvy punters when playing casino games online. EntroPay produces what are effectively classed as Virtual Visa cards. Payments are made through this method. It is important that you know to subscribe to this service before you want to pay this way. Once you have, you will find that many of the major online casinos will support you in making payments via this service.

From reviews and testimonies, it seems UK players continue to use EntroPay given the increased security features and its prominence in the online casino sphere. As EntroPay is considered a reputable and welcome way to fund your casino account, you will find it featured pretty much widespread.

Bank Wire

It is safe to say that bank wire is a method which is not as popular among players as other payment methods. E-wallets, credit cards, and other means of topping up your account tend to lead the pack, but there are many players who will swear by Bank Wire when it comes to funding their account.

If we had to guess, it would seem likely that transaction times are the reason why many players want to deposit and withdraw using other methods.


InstaDebit is another easy way to pay in the UK. You can get your hands on an account in a matter of minutes, stopping short of any headaches involving the confirmation of information or verification of your bank details (until it comes to making a withdrawal). The service is super quick, easy, and undeniably convenient.

To make an online casino deposit into your InstaDebit e-wallet, simply provide bank information and choose your amount to deposit. Processing times are standard but may vary from casino to casino.


Unless you are one of the many fans of Bitcoin, you may not understand just how desirable it is as a payment method. In fact, the benefits of Bitcoin are many, even past the obvious advantage of instantaneous deposit and withdrawal times. The reason why many players favour the crypto-currency is the fact that it is relatively untraceable. This provides players with an opportunity to bet and gamble somewhat anonymously online.

Given that the currency is yet to be fully regulated by banks or governments in the UK, there is still relative scepticism among players and casinos. It is certainly an excellent way to pay and it can be one of the most convenient ways to make an online casino deposit. For this reason, expect to see more casinos supporting Bitcoin.


This company is the choice of those for a number of players in the UK. Once again, it is not the most popular online casino banking method out there, but it is gathering more fans.

Funding an ecoPayz account is typically done via a debit or credit card. You must verify your card details via EcoPayz before you make your first deposit, however. EcoPayz then makes a small deposit to your credit card, in order to confirm it is legitimate. Credit/debit card deposits do incur a 2.9% fee, so if this is something you would object to, ecoPayz may not be for you.

Conclusion about casino banking methods

When it comes to UK casino banking methods, every casino will have a number of the most widely used. From credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, to debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, and a couple of others like bank transfers, these are the staple across the industry. As these online casino deposit methods are the most widely recognised, they generally have more coverage among UK casinos.

Other casinos will provide other methods of payment. You can usually correspond to the number of payment methods to the size of a casino or gambling site. That being said, there are sites which cater specifically to players that demand a wider spectrum in terms of ways to pay.

When signing up for a new site or playing for the first time, it is important to check the credentials of a company before you deposit. Security is one of the most important aspects of consideration when it comes to UK casino players. Depositing funds to a site before checking their licenses and history of dealing with players is a bad idea, full stop.

Once you are confident that you are playing on a reputable site, then you should find the banking methods are varied. Aside from credit and debit cards, you should also have access to a number of e-wallets and alternative payment methods to use. Choose what works best for you and enjoy your gaming experience!

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