New Online Slots 2020

Capitalism is built around one thing more than any other: novelty. And in the high-speed turbo-capitalism of the online gambling world, there is no quality that is more treasured and more rewarded. The brand new online slots in 2020 make no exception.

In the absence of actual innovation, the change will appear to happen!

And players love it!

I mean, why not?

The truth is that the basics of the online video slot are now fairly well established and accepted. There isn’t a great deal of chance to the base game going on – though we will look at what changes are taking place – and there’s a fairly accepted set of bonus game options too.

So change and novelty in the online slots business tends to be on the rather superficial level of design, graphics, animation and sound.

As a tech business, though, there are innovations in the software, largely in the way that games have moved into the mobile space.

Casino sites too – the vehicle by which we all play our online video slots – innovate. In recent times this too has been most concerned with the move to mobile and changes in payment systems, which are a major area of change at the moment.

Constant change – however superficial – then is part of the online slots world, and players need to keep on top of things. There are material benefits to knowing exactly what is on the market. It could even save you money or give you a better chance of hitting that big win.

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How New Online Slots Keep the Player Coming Back

With a fairly stable product class, slots designers and online casino sites really need to give players something new to look at.

There was always a competition of a sort in the gambling world, but the internet has made this explode exponentially.

A player who’s spinning the reels on your game in your online casino site is not the same as one who is sitting in a casino that you own. While the person in the casino can walk out, they’ll probably have to put at least a bit of physical effort into going somewhere else to do something else.

Even in Vegas, where whole streets are lined with nothing but casinos, there’s a little bit of effort involved. You’ll be aware of some of the famous stories of how casinos try to make people stay for longer – the free food and drinks for big spenders, the fact that you can get anything you might need in a casino, the entertainment, the absence of clocks and natural light and other cues of passing time.

A casino website has none of those tricks up its sleeve. There are almost literally on barriers to a player clicking on the back button to take them to Google, where a search that takes a second to type it will give them a million other choices.

Anyone who’s been reading our guides will know that those choices are somewhat constrained. The whole industry is still largely dominated by a few large companies, who supply the vast majority of the games and the vast majority of the playing infrastructure and offer an illusion of more choice by allowing branding of their products.

However, to the consumer, the choice is there.

If your game bores me. Even for a second. I can be playing another one, or watching videos, or listening to music, or reading a million things.

This is an attention economy. And novelty attracts attention.

So, the slots companies need to make newer, shinier, noisier, more diverting games all the time.

This situation isn’t without its paradoxes. The market does support, for example, some old favourites, that have become long-term favourites. Take a look at games charts and you’ll see that the games at the top of the tree aren’t, in fact, newcomers – or rarely so – they’re often established favourites that have hit some sweet spot of gameplay or prize size. To break into the market for the most popular progressive jackpot slots, for example, is going to take a massive investment in an initial prize fund, and the attraction of millions of players to keep the fund topping up. Things like that can’t be done on a whim.

Why You Should Keep Your Eye on New Slots Guides

Newness then might not always be quite the thing it appears to be. However, that doesn’t make looking at new slot games a waste of time for players. In fact, it’s something that we recommend you do all the time. If only because it’s quite enjoyable.

While the need for novelty is something that can be exploited by casino businesses, it’s also something that has a value to the player.

There’s nothing wrong with curiosity and innovation! It’s what makes humans what they are. So don’t be dazzled by new online slots, and don’t play a game simply because it’s new, but do keep your eyes on the market or you might be missing out on a game that you might love.

The History of Slots is a History of Innovation

The online video slot is the pinnacle of more than 100 years of development. And the chief characteristic of that development has been innovation on a stable substructure.

If that sounds a bit complex, don’t worry, it’s perfectly simple really!

The new online slot games that you play today on your mobile would make the eyes pop out of the head of a late-19th century New Yorker. But they’d be able to play them and understand what was going on in just a few minutes.

The first and most obvious defining characteristic of a gambling game is a random event that the player tries to predict and is rewarded for getting right, or if the random event delivers a certain set of results.

The slot fits in a long lineage of gambling games that do the latter. Despite the spinning reels of the games with their resemblance to a roulette wheel, the online video slot is much more like a game of cards in its operation.

The first games, invented in New York in 1881 were exactly that: a mechanical way of playing cards. Five reels span round with cards glued on them. Round and round they went, and where they stopped determined the “hand” that the player was dealt.

If he had a winning poker hand then he won.

The game now might involve insanely complex algorithms and superb animation and graphics. But that’s essentially what it’s still doing.

A lot of slots fans are surprised to hear that the first games had five reels. That seems more complicated than having three, so surely it should come later in the slots history book. But one of the first innovations was to cut down the number of reels from five to three in order to make the game less complex. This made the calculation of prizes simpler, and it made it possible to automate pay-outs.

A similar thing has happened in the late 2010s as the revolution in internet gaming has gone mobile. The trend in slots had been towards more complicated and graphically sophisticated games, with lovely animations and soundtracks.

And then suddenly everyone started playing them on tiny screens that they carry around with them in their pockets. And so we have a recent boost in very simple, three-reel games when the logical progression would have been towards even more reels and more complex gameplay that more and more resembles video gaming.

As mobile screens become bigger and better, that trend towards complexity and sophistication should reassert itself.

To return to the earlier history of slots, innovation was again driven by necessity. The link with card games had to be broken to get around American gambling laws. So, we got first the bells of the Liberty Bell machines and then the fruit symbols of games that gave away food as prizes to avoid being regulated as cash gambling games. The BARs that are still a fixture in online video slots were originally the logo of a fruit chewing gum company whose product was given away by slot machines.

The Electronic Age Opens Up the Flood Gates

In 1964 a machine called Money Honey changed the slots world forever. This game (a new online slot game at the time) used electronic power to turn the reels. This opened up enough space in the game cabinet to allow the games to become much more flexible in their design and operation, and it allowed the storage of the large amounts of cash needed to automatically pay out big prizes.

And it’s this sort of innovation that players really love. Money Honey became a phenomenon, and Bally, the company behind it, are still giants in the industry.

IGT are another name that you see today in the online video slots world, but they were around back in 1976 when they (under a previous name) developed the first video slot. Using a rather unsophisticated video monitor, IGT’s first game was another breakthrough that attracted customers because of its inherent novelty and served the industry by making their machines much more flexible.

Online Video Slots are the Ultimate in Novelty

Slot games continued to innovate. Bonus games were introduced to add another layer of playability and the reliably popular innovation of offering massive prizes was introduced with the first off-line networked games delivering massive progressive jackpots.

But for us, the move online was the biggest explosion in novelty for online video slots.

Here, again, the relative simplicity of the game is a great help. We say that mathematics behind slot machines is complex. And, to us, it is, but in the world of mathematics, probability, odds and stats – especially when powered by computers – the sums are relatively simple.

(While we’re offering a guide to innovation and newness, it’s also worth noting the extent to which continuity and tradition are important to gamblers. With computers and the internet completely cutting the link between spinning reels and the slot’s random delivery of a set of symbols, the industry – presumably at the urging of its players – continues to produce games that act as if they are spinning reels. There’s no need for this – and some designers have changed the delivery mechanism – other than nostalgia!)

Slots are solo games too. Lots of gambling games rely on a group of players getting together. A slot is natural for a video screen with a single player.

The first online casino was delivered by another company who are still with us now, Microgaming, the slots giant from the UK’s Isle of Man.

A number of factors play into the growth of online gambling.

An international licensing system was needed, and the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda stepped into that breach.

Microgaming provided the software.

Then encrypted secure communications were needed. And finally, payment systems that could send money back and forward were needed. So although Microgaming came up with the software in 1994 the first online bets and payouts weren’t dropping into accounts until 1996.

And from there the world of new online slots exploded.

What’s New? Adding and Adding and Adding to Brand New Online Slots

Complexity has been the first growth in the development of online video slots.

In every area of our lives, we’ve seen the speed and reliability of computing power grow and grow and grow.

And as machines grow faster, so they can do much more.

So from three reels, we can grow to games with five reels.

Now, rather than simple graphic representations of the suits on a deck of cards, you can have full-featured pictures of anything you want as your reel symbols.

And they can move!

The sound can be pretty much anything.

Animations can introduce the games. If they feature tie-ins with movies or TV shows you can show clips.

If five reels aren’t enough then you can try a different number.

And if the spin of the reels is getting boring, how about symbols that drop in like tumbling rocks?

These are just the most obvious cosmetic additions we’ve seen on online video slots over the past few decades. And this list only touches the edges.

Fundamental Changes to the Game

Because while we’ve emphasised the continuity of gameplay that lies at the heart of the online video slot, there have been changes to the way that games operate.

For decades slots were a single stage game. You pulled a lever and the reels went round, delivering a win or not. And that was it.

Bonus games are relatively recent, only arriving in the 1980s as a standalone.

Before that, all bonuses had to be related to the initial spin of the reels, and were reduced to a feature that is now pretty much vanished from sophisticated modern online slots, the nudge!

Nudges just allowed you to move one of the reels in the game space or two in order to get a better combination.

That’s nothing compared to the bonuses available to the player of the modern video slot!

Bonus games can be entertaining stand-alone experience, involving chance, skill, and more and more often, games that approach video gaming levels of sophistication.

Every brand new online slot machine worth the salt will have some sort of bonus these days. Usually, they’re free spins rounds, but even these can be hugely sophisticated and involve creeping wilds, multipliers, and all sorts of other innovations.

Why Should I Look at New Casino Slots?

You’ll excuse us if we’ve occasionally been cynical about the actual extent of innovation in the online video slots market. Or if we’ve sounded a bit jaded about why online slots companies are constantly making minor tweaks to their games.

It’s time to look at the positives of this change.

And it’s time to give you a reason to look at a new online slots guide!

We’ve been honest with you and told you that online video slots companies are producing new looking and sounding games because they attract new players and new money.

And that’s where the informed consumer comes in!

You need to reward changes that are good for players and stay away from ones that aren’t.

One innovation that is always welcome is an increase in the theoretical return to player figure. This is a simple measure of how “generous” a slot is.

And it’s moving in one direction – up!

That’s because players demand it, and have the option of looking elsewhere if games don’t offer them a good value experience. The RTP on online slot games is worlds away from the paltry figures that slots in real-world casinos – in closed, heavily regulated markets with essentially captive consumers – offer to their players.

And that’s because you can shop around!

New casino slot games are there to attract you, but they also need you. Every shopper knows that the best place to look for bargains on the high street or in the mall is at a newly launched shop. They need to get people through the door and spending to survive.

And the same is true of new online slots.

So look for new online video slots, not just as something different try, but because the experience could be more rewarding. Free spins, discounted play, and tournaments are all ways that casino sites are going to use to get you spinning the reels on a new online slot.

Everything we do at this site should be pointing you in one direction – become an informed player, look for honest information, and act in your own best interests!

Then you can really enjoy new online slots!

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