Mega Moolah Slot – Review, RTP, Free Play & Free Spins Bonus

This Mega Moolah slot might easily be the most famous slot game in the world. It’s one of the few that gets a great deal of coverage in the mainstream press.

And that’s because it changes people’s lives.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Mega Moolah slot machine is a world-changing game.

Because of the appalling state of information in some parts of the slots industry, it’s hard to get simple reporting on this, but since its launch in 2006, Mega Moolah casino slot game is reported to have paid out getting on for £100 million and created 50 multimillionaires.

The Mega Moolah slot game is much humbler than that might make you think. It’s quite a retro game with simple gameplay and graphics. But it’s a progressive from a massive company and that’s what makes the difference.

This game is so famous that the game itself gets forgotten in favour of the legend.

But should you try a safari trip with Mega Moolah at the end?

Let’s have a look in this Mega Moolah slot review!

Microgaming – the Developers of Mega Moolah Slot

Microgaming might sound small, but there’s nothing micro about this company’s size and reach. There’s a reason why Mega Moolah casino slot has so many fans and such a huge jackpot, and the two are dependent on each other.

Microgaming produces nearly 500 slots that are available on the UK market. They’re UK-based, with a big base on the Isle of Man. They claim to have produced the world’s first online casino site, and we’re not in the mood to argue with them.

Mega Moolah online slot is their most popular game, but whatever site you play at you will see Microgaming slots featured prominently.

The Facts and Figures & Mega Moolah RTP

Mega Moolah slot machine is 13 years old in 2019, which will be a very lucky number for a certain number of players this year.

The standout figure here takes some explaining. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is a measure that every game uses. The current average is around about 96%. This can also be expressed as a “house edge” of 4%. This means that over its lifetime, with players behaving in a particular, expected way, the machine will deliver 4% of the money that is put into it to the operator.

So, Mega Moolah’s RTP of 88.12% is awful, right? Well, no. Progressives are different. They take a “tax” on every deposit and put that away into the prize fund – this is virtually communism! – to build up those big prizes. This accounts for the lowered RTP in the base game.

The volatility is medium, so about average. The top prize in the base game is 225,000 coins. Gambling stakes run from 1p to 5p, so this is one of the few games that is genuinely a “penny slot”. Wins will be hit on a 25-pay line, 5-by-3 grid.

You need Flash for this game, so make sure your browser has the latest version for security reasons, as well as JavaScript and HTML5.

The Game

Away from the headline prizes, Mega Moolah slot game is quite a standard and even mundane game.

Playing it is simple.

The spin button is at the bottom right of the screen under a Win window. Then the controls run to the right: bet max (under the bet amount window), coin select, and pay-line selector. Then there’s a bet amount toggle with your balance at the far left under the pay-table button. Other controls are found in the game frame.

Mega Moolah Tips – How to Win

The paytable is filled with cartoon animals. Under them are the card symbols, from 10s to Aces. Three 10s pay 3x stake and five aces are worth 150-times stake.

The animals are an antelope, paying from 10 to 250-times stake.

A zebra paying 20 to 400. A giraffe pays 30 to 500. A buffalo pays 4-times stake for two to 600 for five. The elephant pays six to 750-times stake, and the lion pays 15 to 15,000.

A monkey pays from 2 for two to 100 for five and triggers the free spins.

The lion is also a wild and doubles wins in which it features.

Mega Moolah Bonuses

Aside from the wild with its multiplier, the main game’s big bonus is the free spins feature. The monkey sets them off. They come in sets of 15 for more than three monkeys. The feature can retrigger and comes with a three-times multiplier.

Oh, you want to know about the Mega Moolah jackpot?

This is triggered randomly from the base game. A wheel of fortune gives you a chance to win a mini jackpot (paying from £10 to £100), a minor jackpot (£100 to £1,000), and the Mega Jackpot which can pay up to £13.2 million.

The Verdict

A summary of the Mega Moolah slot game can be reduced to this:

“You might win a life-changing sum of money, OMG!!!”

That’s it really.

This game is all about the progressive Mega Moolah jackpot. If you play it it’s probably with that in mind. There’s no problem with being slightly obsessed with Mega Moolah for that reason. Plenty of people are: there aren’t many slots that have their own fan sites and guides on when it might pay out.

We’d urge you to be wary of those sites. Progressive jackpots are the only games in the slot universe where there MAY be a slight advantage in playing the game at certain times. That is, the longer it has been since the game delivered a Mega jackpot, the larger the jackpot will be. But that’s it. It’s just like playing the lottery only on rollover weeks, it doesn’t make you more likely to win, and it just means you’re playing for a potentially bigger prize.

Mega Moolah casino slot does make it more likely that you’ll trigger the big win game if you stake the maximum amount. It’s still massively unlikely that you’ll win the top prize, but it’s a small difference.

As to the game away from the jackpot. Well, it’s OK. It was a fine game back in 2006, a decent enough classic style slot, but nothing too amazing. The penny stakes are a nice touch. Play it if you want to win big or fancy a nice palate-cleansing simple game.