Online Casino Promotions

Are you in search of online casino promotions? And do you come from the UK? Then check this section out for some of the best UK casino promotions! The hottest UK online casino promotions are listed, including no deposit online casino promotions!

If you’ve been to an online casino site lately you’ll have been hit with promotions, and promotions of promotions, and promises of later promotions.

A casino promotion is any bonus, offer, or gift beyond the simple exchange of cash for a service. Casino promotions are often time-limited and they usually require something of the player – generally, a deposit, and possibly a lot more.

The most visible and obvious of the online casino promotions is always the Welcome Offer, which is what a casino site will give you in return for playing at a site.

Here we’ll have a look at what casino promotions are, the main types of offer, and how you should evaluate them. Not lastly, check the below listed UK casino promotions.

List of the Best UK Online Casino Promotions

Promos make the world go around! Or at least they make you guys shop around and pick newer and better UK online casino sites!

So let’s have a look at four great deals at the moment.

20 Free Spins No Deposit at LeoVegas Casino

Let’s start at the beginning with Leo Vegas, the great Swedish-based site that has taken the UK market by storm in the past few years.

Leo Vegas has a welcome bonus to write home about, including a rare and valued no-deposit bonus!

The no-deposit element of this offer is in the shape of free spins, 20 of them, on the ever-popular Book of Dead slot. The spins are worth 10p each and you have 10 days to play them. You need to deposit to pick up your winnings – and make a wagering requirement – but this is a great way to take a look at the site.

And if you find it an interesting place to spend your time, and we think that you will, then you can follow through on the rest of the Leo Vegas welcome bonus and collect up to £400 in bonus funds, plus 10-times as many free spins, yes 100 free spins in total when you deposit the maximum amount.

Leo Vegas is a fantastic online casino, and the nicely designed site offers players hundreds and hundreds of fantastic online video slots, all designed with mobile-first in mind. There’s also a big live casino available to mobile players too, also made for mobile screens.

You have to check this offer out, and hurry because great welcome offers – particularly no-deposit welcome offers – don’t last for long!

Claim 20 Free Spins Now

100 Free Spins at BGO Casino

BGO has a load of great promotions, including a very competitive welcome bonus, but we’ll have a look here at the fantastic set of BGO slot tournaments.

Tournaments are a fun way to play against other players. Playing online casino sites can be a lonely experience, so we think anything that brings in a social element is to be rewarded. And BGO make sure you’ll be rewarded in concrete terms too with big prizes in all their tournaments.

You can join BGO tournaments for free, and they run daily and weekly. There are too many to list here, but some of the current favourites with BGO players are Breakfast Club, playing every day from 6 am to 9 pm, and offering a prize of 100 free spins. The Lucky Break tournament Runs every day around lunchtime, with hundreds of free spins up for grabs.

The Daily Drop tournament has a cash prize. You could walk away with £200 just for spinning your way through a load of free games of Siberian Storm.

The Big One is a weekend tournament based around the King of Atlantis slot and awarding a massive prize pool of £1,500. Finish off the weekends with a similar contest on Sundays.

The site has great information on tournament play and is a quality UK online casino site with hundreds of games. If you want to check some of them out in a fun, competitive and relatively risk-free way then the BGO tournament schedule is one to plug into your calendar.

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Play The Wheel of Jackpots at Videoslots and win huge jackpots

Named nice and simply and delivering on its name, Videoslots has a great set of promotions including its own progressive jackpot tied into its loyalty scheme.

This is a great idea, and really original. Loyalty schemes are generally pretty simple things, with points awarded for playing, but this one goes a bit further and makes it really interesting and entertaining to take part.

The game is The Wheel of Jackpots, and it’s a three-tier progressive jackpot.

The prizes are: mini, major, and mega, so it looks very much like a slot progressive. The prize wheel format is also one most slot players will know from their time playing big-prize games like Mega Moolah.

To get a go on the big wheel you need to win smaller prizes. Those are won via spins on a set of feeder wheels and the spins are awarded via trophies that are awarded in the same way most loyalty points are awarded – by playing games.

We had a look at the jackpots at the tail end of May 2020, and they were pretty impressive: nearly £13,000 for the top prize, nearly £2,000 for the second, and a tidy little prize heading up to £400 for the mini jackpot.

Some of this cash goes back into the pot, but 80% goes to the player, and the record shows plenty of players picking up prizes of 10s of thousands of pounds.

The game has a bit of fun to it, with themed wheels, and a nice long ladder of achievements to work your way up. This sort of gamification is all the rage in the online casino world these days. Largely because it gets players to play – and spend – more at a site. They do that because they want to complete challenges. So enjoy this game, but do it responsibly, and keep your eye on the prize!

This is one of the most fun promotions we’ve seen and one that’s well worth signing up at Videoslots to check out.

Visit Videoslots Now

Up to 50,000 free spins for grabs at 32Red Casino

32Red are giants in the online casino world, so you’d expect them to deliver big value on their promotions page, with ongoing interest for all players.

Most of the deals are delivered via a loyalty scheme titled Red Ruby Rewards. It’s an involving and rewarding scheme, and we’ll take a look at a nicely different element of the 32Red promotions here, their New Games Map.

Do you like free spins?

You do?

That makes you very, well, average, for an online slot player.

We’ll bet that you like new games too. And that makes you just the sort of player that 32Red want to attract – ie, most slot players!

New games are flagged up in the scheme, and selected ones are badged to signal free spins. The examples we found were great titles like Roman Power, Electric Avenue, 11 Champions and a load more that keep on coming. On the way are Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot, Age of Conquest, and Football Star Deluxe.

All you need to do to join in is play at the site and to have deposited in the 30 days before the promotion opens up. And then wait for the clock to tick around, usually for a period from 4 pm to 12 pm the following day. There should be at least 50,000 free spins up for grabs between 32Red customers.

Sign up now and check out which titles are coming up for the New Games Map treatment at 32Red and grab your free spins.

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What is the purpose of Online Casino Promotions?

To understand and make the most of casino promotions you have to understand what purpose they serve.

That purpose is to make more money for casino companies.

There is a chance that individual consumers will take some financial benefit from some particular promotion, but the overall effect is to deliver more consumers, to get those consumers to spend more time at sites, and, in so doing, to spend (or lose) more money.

That’s not to say that you should decline all promotions, but please make a point of knowing what signing up for a promotion means for you and your casino use.

Your first priority should always be playing in a way that is enjoyable and stopping if your play ever becomes a problem.

So, when you consider any promotion it should be through this lens: this offer may look good, but its chief purpose is to get me to spend more time and spend (lose) more money at this online casino site. Is spending more time and money here a good thing?

What Online Casino Promotions Won’t Do

You are very unlikely to make money from online casino promotions, and specifically so from ones that give you bonus funds.

The best way is to consider promotions in the way we describe in the proceeding section and to consider money gifted to you by online casino sites as a way to play for free, without any thought of winning money or taking money away.

We’ll cover some of the restrictions that make this the case.

There are exceptions to this. Promotions that amount to lottery draws can be treated in the same way that you would any such random chance.

Free spins should be treated as bonus money – free goes, you should pretty much factor out any cash you might win when you consider taking them on.

The Restrictions on Casino Promotions

The reason why casino promotions work for online casino sites is that when you sign up to accept one you (almost) invariably sign up to a long list of restrictions on what you can do with any money you might be granted and any money you might win with that cash.

The commonest restriction is:

Wagering Requirements

If you explain wagering requirements to anyone who isn’t a casino site regular they will probably be horrified. Yet, these restrictions are standard issue in the online casino industry.

But they’re rarely up there in a giant font alongside the headline offer.

This is how they work.

A casino welcome offer might say this:

“100% bonus on first deposit up to £100!”

What that will probably mean is this:

If you deposit £10 you will sign up to a wagering requirement of, for example, 30-times the bonus. That means that until you have deposited and wagered 30-times your bonus – or £300 in this example – you will not be allowed to withdraw any money from that bonus.

There will almost certainly be restrictions on what games you can play to pay off this wagering requirement too. Those games that you are allowed to play will have a weighting put on them so that not all of the money you spend will count towards your wagering requirement.

For example, if blackjack is your favourite game (and also one of the most popular and best value games you can play) and it is weighted at 50%, then you will need to spend £600 to pay off that requirement. Games can be weighted as low as 10%, so you’re then looking at £6,000.

There might also be a maximum amount you can wager.

And there will almost certainly be a clause in the rules that rules out certain “patterns of play” that are deemed unfair by the casino site.

The Types of Casino Promotions

Welcome offers are the most common casino promotions. Every site has one. However, casino promotions also continue once you’re signed up at a site.

Here are just some examples:

Deposit bonuses – these work like welcome bonuses and can be based on anything from the day of the week (Monday offers are common) to special occasions.

Cashback – these offers return a percentage of the money you lose as bonus funds, usually with the same wagering requirements as other bonuses.

Prizes – Simple prize drawers are quite common and can be judged as such. The price of entry may be depositing a certain amount of playing a certain game.

Tournament play – tournaments might be offered as promotions. Tournaments are competitions in which slot play is judged over a period of time with prizes offered to the player who scores the most wins. You may need to play with real money to entre, though some promotions allow you to enter for a flat fee.

There is also a whole family of promotions that can be styled as:

Loyalty Promotions and VIP Clubs

Remember our opening?

Promotions are there to make you spend more time and money at an online casino site. From a site’s point of view, the people who it is worth rewarding most are those who do that.

So sites offer you an increasing scale of rewards – deposit bonuses, better service, individual account managers, days out, and more – as you “earn” your way up a scale of spending.

At the top of the tree is the VIP Club, usually open only by invitation.

These promotions serve exactly the same purpose as the others, so go into them with your eyes open and with your own interests uppermost in your mind.