Playtech’s Commitment to Safer Gambling & A New Casino Vertical

Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company who are famed for their DC slot titles and progressive jackpots, has recently announced a new collaboration with the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), the international leader in problem gambling awareness, prevention and research.

The merge will seethe two heads getting together to examine links between mental health, digital wellbeing and gambling through a series of research and evaluation tools. For 35-years, the RGC, a non-profit organisation, have dedicated their time and resources to promoting safer gambling by working with leading operators from around the world and now Playtech aims to benefit from those.

Claire Milne, Interim Chairman, Playtech, said:

“The Responsible Gambling Council is a leader in research and best practice standards that drive the gambling sector to build a more sustainable and safe industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.  As part of our Sustainable Success strategy, we aspire to develop meaningful partnerships that will advance the safer gambling agenda. This collaboration will aid us in fulfilling our duty and commitment to using our expertise, experience and technology to promote an industry which provides both an entertaining and safe environment that supports digital and mental wellbeing and resilience.”

The partnership was struck as part of Playtech’s commitment to deliver sustainability and responsible business strategies to offer a safer, healthier gambling experience across the board.

Janine Robinson, Director of RGC’s Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices, added:

Playtech is an industry leader and we look forward to working together to influence positive change and advance responsible gambling standards. The impact of the digital world on mental health is a growing concern for many but the one which is currently not particularly well understood. We believe adopting digital resilience and safer gambling behaviours will be an important part of protecting mental health.”

Back of the Net with New Casino Vertical

In other Playtech news, a brand-new live casino vertical has been released and it’s a must for football fans up and down the country!

Whether you’re a supporter of top English Premier League team or prefer something a little more grassroots, Playtech’s Live Football Roulette aims to deliver action from start to finish in their new ‘Let’s Play’ studio. European Roulette is the most popular table game of its kind but forget landing wins of up to 35:1. With Live Football Roulette, odds of 100x your stake are on the table!

There will also be live commentary on all matches as they’re being played as well as news being streamed on major football events around the world. The studio is an immersive setting with a touch-controlled video wall displaying key moments from games, plus the studio offers Statscore match statistics which when combined, deliver the ultimate football gaming destination like no other!

A new ‘Goal Side Bet’ feature offers roughly a 1 in 7 chance of winning each time it’s utilised. When a goal is achieved, five neighbouring bets are selected at random and if the ball lands in any one of these randomly selected pockets, you win a minimum of a 3x multiplier! To keep in with the overall footie theme, football shirts will be used to highlight neighbouring bets.

Edo Haitin, CEO of Playtech Live, comments:

“Live Football Roulette has grown from being a promotional table to one of our most popular games throughout the year, so we know players will be very excited by this newly enhanced version. Football is, after all, known as ‘the beautiful game’, so here at Playtech Live we felt it deserved a studio to match! The gameplay has received an important boost too, with the new Goal Side Bet feature offering an engaging, innovative twist, with the enticing prospect of that potential 100x win.

“Of course, what’s still at the heart of Live Football Roulette is the newsfeed, stats and dealer commentary, all of which allow players to keep up with the action on the pitch alongside the excitement of the roulette game. Live Football Roulette has been one of our most successful Sports and Live Casino crossovers, offering compelling content for Sports bettors and a highly effective cross-sell tool for operators. The specially designed Let’s Play studio also creates a wide range of possibilities to deliver seasonal and bespoke content across a variety of Sports, based on operator and market demands.”

Place Your (Roulette) Bets

Betting strategies are often used when it comes to roulette, with many believing it can increase your chance of winning. There are those who place many bets and those who stick to one or two. It’s true to say that the more bets placed, the more chance you have of winning, but this will subsequently have an effect on your wallet!

The odds are increased in the player’s favour when it comes to European Roulette, what with there being a single zero and a house edge half that of the American wheel at just 2.63%. To lower that house edge even further, look for the tables offer the ‘en prison’ rule (for even money bets); this leads to a house edge of just 1.35% and a second bite at the cherry so to speak. Say you place a £10 bet on a black number and the ball lands in zero, your bet remains tied for one more spin. If the ball lands in black on that next spin, the house returns your initial stake of £10. You may not win, but you’re not losing!

Odds and payouts for the English favourite of European Roulette are as follows:

  • Straight Up: 35:1 pay with odds of 2.70%
  • Split: 17:1 pays with odds of 5.4%
  • Street Bet: 11:1 pays with odds of 8.1%
  • Corner Bet: 8:1 pays with odds of 10.8%
  • Line Bet: 5:1 pays with odds of 16.2%
  • Column Bet: 2:1 pays with odds of 32.40%
  • Dozen Bet: 2:1 pays with odds of 32.40%
  • Red/Black: 1:1 pays with odds of 48.60%
  • Even/Odd: 1:1 pays with odds of 48.60%
  • 1 to 18/19 to 36: 1:1 pays with odds of 48.60%

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