10 Reasons to Play Live Online Blackjack Now!

Blackjack always sits at the top of the casino pages on online casino sites. Sites know what they’re doing and they know that this game is super popular. It’s even more popular because you can now play live games, one-on-one with a dealer.

But if you haven’t played this game yet should you give it a go?

And if you’re a regular at the blackjack tables but are looking at other options should you stay in your seat?

Let’s have a look at why you should play blackjack and should play it today!

1 – Blackjack is simple to learn

You probably already know how to play blackjack. 21 is one of the names the game goes by, and everyone knows that’s the score you have to get closest to win. The game is played against a dealer, who doles out the cards one by one, and the hand that stays under 21 and closest to it wins! Simple!

2- But it’s a game of sophistication and skill

Blackjack is one of the few games where player skill really does come into play. Card counting is how some of the biggest wins in casino history have been won, and, while that’s no longer really possible in virtual worlds, a players ability to handle their hands in a number of different ways – doubling bets, splitting pairs, quitting early – give a skilful player plenty of enjoyable tactics to mull and a great chance of getting good returns.

3 – A world of lore to explore

Few games have the history, heritage and background that blackjack does. And few games reward study so much. Knowing how to strategize your game at blackjack is complex and rewarding, with a number of different stages of play at which players can make decisions offering so many options that while it’s simple there are lots to learn, and plenty of places to read up before you sit at the table.

4 – Excitement!

Blackjack can be played as a quick-hit adrenaline game! We shouldn’t underestimate this attraction to gambling (and we should understand it because it’s what makes gambling so potentially dangerous) and blackjack offers a potent hit. Regular games go along at a clip, and the live casino environment means you can pick hi-speed games for even more bang for your betting buck.

5 – Live games reward loyalty

Live casinos work very much like the real-life version, and that includes rewarding those players who play the most. This is because these players leave most money with the casino – i.e., the more you bet, the more you’ll lose. Blackjack is good value, but it doesn’t buck those odds unless you really hit lucky. But if you play at one table regularly and keep coming back you will start getting rewards, in the shape of better service, higher limits, faster withdrawals and the like. But you have to earn it.

6 – The same wherever you go

Like most games blackjack has a number of variants. These rule changes include copyrighted variants that are unique to one or two sites or franchised operations. But a game with blackjack’s heritage can’t be messed about with without consequence, and players love to see the classic game. That means that wherever you log on you will find a classic version of blackjack on offer, and you’ll usually find multiple-le tables offering this super-exciting option.

7 – Variety is the spice of life!

So you’ll find the classic game wherever you go, but you’ll also find a load of great variants. Rule changes in blackjack often focus around how the player behaves – whether you can split hands, double bets, ask for extra cards and so on – but also on what rules the dealer must follow, and you’ll even find variants with different decks of cards. This is another area of depth and richness for blackjack players who will never run out of new varieties of game to try out.

8 – An experience more than a game

Live casinos online are unique. They can offer much more variety than a bricks and mortar casino because they’re offering their service over the web from a single, central point. That means blackjack now comes in a load of experience-type games. You’ll see party blackjack, high-speed games, games themed around cities and countries, blackjack in a load of language variants, and of course you can pick between many different producers (though Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are the biggest names) and hundreds of dealers at most sites. You can even sit behind the players at the table and bet on their hands if you can’t get a seat yourself.

9 – Blackjack is great value

A good assessment of how much money a game is likely to return to players is its RTP. This is the theoretical return to player, and it calculates this figure as a long term average. So, it’s no guarantee but it’s the best measure we have, and it is one that is actually audited and checked by casino licensing authorities. Blackjack does best of the casino table games in this respect. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll often see the game excluded from free offers and from the wagering requirements rules in welcome offers – casinos know if you play blackjack you’ll probably get a decent return. Plus, the game is very friendly to low stakes players – if you learn to manage your game you can have a long session without breaking the bank.

10 – Blackjack can be safe

Play at a licensed site with recognised games and you’ll have nothing to fear from blackjack. Good live games will offer you a load of advice, and also a game history so you know where you are and what you’re doing. Use a simulator version of the game – that you can play anywhere you’ve confirmed your age – to really master the game before you step up to the table and you’ll have done even more to make yourself safe.

Blackjack used to mean a trip into your nearest big city, but now thanks to live casino sites and your mobile phone you can even enjoy a sophisticated hand or two on the bus home from work! And we think it’ll be the best commute you ever have.

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