High Roller Online Casinos UK

Fancy yourself as a high roller casino player? Maybe you would you like to mix with the UK gambling elite and other high stakes casino players?

If you answered yes, then it is a good bet to assume that you have, at least, some aspirations of playing some high stakes casino games. Whether this is at landbased or online casinos, you should always consider if you have the bankroll to play at such high stakes.

High Roller Online CasinosLuckily for you, there are many High Roller Casinos out there just waiting for your custom. These VIP casinos offer some pretty massive high roller bonuses to gain your custom. They offer top-quality casino games for one and all but tend to look after their high rollers with things such as VIP programmes and numerous offers which aim to appeal to your bespoke wants and needs as a UK high roller.

We will explain the numerous and very appealing generous high roller casino bonuses which should be available to you. As a high roller, you can naturally expect to be treated much better and with more attention than the average player. You are contributing more to casino revenue, so you are right to demand and expect more.

For high roller casino players, it is very important to choose a casino which will offer you such benefits. The decision to sign up at a particular casino should be driven by numerous factors which we will explain in this article. You should always make sure that your choice covers numerous factors, which should start with the security and financial stability of a casino.

Then, you should know what casino games you are likely to require the most. From here, you should consider deposit limits, deposit types, and other things which you want from a casino.

In this high roller casino guide, we will walk you through the process of choosing the right casino. From here, you should be able to pick the right casino for your playing needs.

High Roller Online Casinos UK – High Stakes Casinos

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High Roller Casino Gambling

What’s a high roller? You surely know that already, right?

Because it’s pretty simple. In a world rich with slang and jargon, the term high roller has transcended the gambling world to be pretty universally accepted to be used as a big spender.

In gambling terms, of course, that means wagering big amounts of money. The term has its origins in the real-world casinos of Las Vegas and other resorts, where a player can be designated a high roller.

That means they spend a lot, and it means they are rewarded for it by the casinos, usually in the form of free rooms, meals and other hospitality favours.

A casino might be willing to offer actual gaming favours to high rollers too, allowing them to play on credit.

The reason why they do this is that it is profitable for them to do so. You should bear this in mind whenever you interact with a gambling business. They are rational actors and do what is best for them, and what is best for them is making a profit, and allowing people who bet large amounts of money to do so with as few barriers as possible is the best way to do that.

You might find similar schemes at online casinos, though these are more likely to be in the form of loyalty bonuses for regular play rather than rolling the red carpet out for big spenders, though, those schemes are out there, and if you can cash in on them then you should do so.

In the real world there are big figures – say $150,000 – that mark a gambler as a high roller in somewhere like Las Vegas. You’ll have to check the details at any site you use.

High roller casino gambling typically means making larger single bets and this is a high-risk strategy for any player.

Risking big amounts might mean winning big, but it might also mean losing big. High rollers are not the same as professional gamblers in this respect – the typical professional gambler makes a lot of smaller bets to spread their risk, and typically bet only on things that are as close to the sure-thing as possible.

High rollers are popular with casinos. And that should make you think. If casinos like them, are they doing something wrong?

Read Reviews

The best way to understand the clear differences at high roller casinos is by reading through as many of the most trusted reviews you can get your hands on. These reviews should be accurate and to the point. Most importantly, they should contain at least some indication of how a casino treats its high rollers.

Casino reviews cover things which will not change regardless of how much money you pump into a casino. These are payment methods (for the most part), software and games, website design, and other things which are static. They should also show the clear and well-laid out advantages and disadvantages of a particular casino. Security, high-roller bonuses, and VIP offers should also be listed, although many do not cover the latter.

You do need to know what games a casino has before you sign up. If you are interested in playing a particular game or many specific games – only to find out that they are not available – this could be disastrous.  You should also want to know what games have been designed by the best software providers. You can identify a good casino by the games it has, in many cases.

The website design is also something which can work against you if you blindly choose a casino without doing the research. While VIP casino offers and high roller bonuses may be attractive, if the software is poor, you will want to close your account and forget about the site.

How do Casinos Treat High Rollers?

Many operators scramble for the custom of high rollers, so there is naturally a lot of competition for getting these players through the door. Naturally, they will do everything within their power to sign you up. You will be offered bonuses which are not available to other players, but usually, you will have to prove you are a high roller and not a pretender in order to do this. How do you prove you are? Usually by depositing a huge amount.

The advantage of a high bankroll will make itself known for you when you are spending big amounts on online casinos. The more bankroll you start with, the more bonuses you will be offered. The most popular bonuses are typically matched bonuses, and these increase according to how much you deposit.

Once a casino recognises that your spending patterns are more in line with a high roller, they may approach you to move you into a special status. This is usually the VIP treatment at casinos that value their high rollers.

Get to a stage where you are classed as an online casino whale who is depositing and playing with huge amounts and you can be taken care of in ways that regular players cannot be. Many high roller online casinos will assign you your own casino account manager and host, who will be there for your wants and needs. This is common in the world of Las Vegas, but can also be widespread in the best online casinos.

This account manager/host helps you to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account, lets you know what special bonuses are available to you, and provides info relating to other things which you can get according to your status.

You can also access a number of special roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, and other games which have been reserved exclusively for high rollers. Baccarat is one which is definitely preferred by many high rollers and is appealing due to its low house edge and a chance to mix it up with other players of the same ilk.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

For those interested in bonuses for the high rollers, you should know that the vast majority of these are of the highest amount a casino can offer a player. Therefore, there will be varying amounts of money which are offered to you if you are a high roller. While regular players can expect the standard, you should be getting more. If they are offered a 50% bonus, a high roller should have at least 100% and so on and so forth.

Many high roller bonuses come with different time requirements and wagering limits. Therefore, you should always check with the casino regarding how they structure their offers for high roller casino players and get everything you are entitled to. If not, you can always find a new casino to play at.

High Roller Casino Withdrawals and Deposits

Once again, it is massively important to see how your deposit and withdrawal wants and needs to match up to what you can expect from a casino. The best way to do this is to look at the options they state on the website. You also want to know when you will get your cash, so speak to your appointed guide or account manager and get them to send the timescale in writing.

Another important thing to consider is deposit and withdrawal limits, as these will likely affect how much you can take out of the casino at any given time, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. There is no doubt that these factors will be among the most important points to consider.

How to Choose the Best High Roller Online Casinos

What is a high roller? In many respects, what you imagine to be a high roller is a fantasy created by the casino industry – and specifically the Las Vegas casino industry – and the entertainment industry.

That high roller swishes up to a casino in a limousine, wins millions on the tables, and then enjoys all the finer things in life until the curtain falls.

The reality is that a high roller online casino player is simply someone who spends a lot of money on casino games, whether that’s slots, which is the reality of most gambling spending, or the traditional casino games like baccarat or roulette that are more often associated with the tuxedo-wearing image.

Are You a High Roller?

If you’re a high roller you need to have a lot of money. Why? Because most gamblers lose most of the time. So, if you’re going to *spend* money on gambling you shouldn’t be doing so on the assumption that you’re going to see much of it back – you might, of course, and you might win big, but you should budget gambling cash as an expenditure.

What is a High Roller online casino?

The fact is pretty much every casino is set up to accept people who want to spend lots of money with them. We can only wonder why!

There are some things that you should check if you want to spend a lot of money at a particular site, and these are the deposit and withdrawal limits. If these aren’t enough for your taste then you might wish to shop around.

Most gambling limits are set on and by individual games. So do look around a site to see if you can spin for high figures if you want to and if table games accept big wagers.

High Roller Extras

Spending money is the best way to get good service. If you splash enough cash at most casinos you will get invited into a VIP casino scheme, so if you’re a potential high roller read up on the promotions page at a site to see what the loyalty programme and VIP programme have to offer.

If you have the money you do have some power, so use it to get the best deal you can.

What is a VIP casino account?

A VIP is a very important person, as you no doubt know.

Who decides this importance?

In this case, it is the casino site, and to them, your importance is not how kind you are to your mother, your charitable works, or your skill at blackjack, it is simply:


That’s it. If you want to be treated like a very important person by a casino you need to do what they consider important, which is spending money on their games.

VIP casino accounts work for the industry because high spenders are highly valuable to casino sites. The more you spend – the more you lose. This makes it worthwhile to offer “free” benefits to those people who spend a lot.

This might well include improvements in service: for example, faster withdrawals, higher withdrawal or deposit limits, and individual account managers.

It will almost certainly include access to exclusive live casino games, probably with higher betting levels than the standard games.

A VIP casino account will also most likely offer you extra promotions, bonuses, and gifts. These – in the best examples – may stray outside the online world and include (post-COVID 19!) events, and days out.

High Roller Casino Games

High Roller Casino Games

Here are the best games you can play as a high roller online casino player.

High Roller Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game which offers a low house edge of 1%. As mentioned above, high rollers tend to prefer the game for many reasons. Depending on the casino, you might avail of no-limit wagering and something which is referred to as a ‘hit and run’ strategy where high rollers can withdraw their money as soon as they win big.

Then there are special high roller versions of live baccarat which have high table limits and other mods which are adjusted depending on the needs of baccarat players that spend big. Regardless of where you are playing – online or in a landbased casino – you can be certain that high rollers are taken care of when playing this game.

More than any other casino game, baccarat is simply made for high rollers and this will show when you sign up and start playing.

High Roller Roulette

High roller gambling is actually a relatively small amount of a casino’s income in the real world. Most money taken in Las Vegas – by quite a long way – is from slots. Slots are typically not played by high rollers. The ordinary people on holiday are the slot players.

High rollers like something with a bit more style and sophistication. They also like something with heritage and history, and you don’t get a game with more of that in the casino world than roulette.

This French game has roots that go so far back in history that it’s not possible to accurately trace its birthplace. It’s probably been played since the 18th century in something like its modern form and has spread around the world as one of the great casino games.

This is a game that high rollers love. Particularly in the real world. It’s a game that’s worth getting dressed up for – dinner jacket or gown to suit – and worth going out for.

The mechanics of the game reek of glamour – the French terms, the metallic wheel, the click of the ball. And if you want to enjoy that experience online – with high roller stakes – then you should head to an online casino offering live streaming roulette.

Then you can enjoy the whole experience, including glamorous croupiers who will talk you through the game and give you a running commentary on what’s going on.

It’s a great experience, and if you can grab a seat and afford to get your stakes up then you should play it as a high roller roulette player.

You don’t have to play for big stakes to enjoy roulette though, there is a load of simulations that will let you play for any amount, and you can even play for pennies at some of the most sophisticated tables on the internet.

High Roller Slots

Slots in the real world are less likely to be aimed at high rollers. Typically, they are stacked up high and cheap and aimed at people with relatively little money to play with.

The same is true online to an extent. The slot is the bread and butter of the online gaming industry. They are relatively simple to host and thousands of them can run on a casino site with very little in the way of additional employment or technical architecture.

That doesn’t mean you can’t roll high when you play slots – online or off.

The prizes are certainly a big deal and will get high rollers very excited. These really big wins are usually found in the realm of progressive slots, where bets are pooled in order to fund a bigger prize over a wide network of slots.

The ultimate high roller slot by these measurements must be Mega Moolah. This game has twice broken the world record for an online gambling pay-out.

In October 2015 a British player won €17,880,900 (or $20,066,800, or £13,213,838) on the machine online. That record was broken in September 2018, when another player – who has remained anonymous –won €18,910,668.01.

Both of those wins are massive. But in a way, they’re not the wins of high rollers. The first player famously staked only 25p to win his enormous prize, and the whole attraction of progressive slots is that by pooling the input from millions of players they can pay massively disproportionate jackpots.

You can, though, bet very large amounts of money and be a real high roller on online slots – a reel high roller. Among the high-stakes games is Zhao Cai Jin Bao which can accept bets of up to £900 on a spin. Santa Surprise will let you stake £1,000 per spin. Age of Gods: Goddess of Wisdom will also let you bet £1,000.

And there are more. So if you want to high roll on slots you can do, but you should do so in the knowledge that as well as winning big you might lose big too.

High Roller Blackjack

Along with baccarat, blackjack is a very popular game among the high roller elite due to the fact that it has the lowest house edge of any casino game. Any casino game, that is right. For this, casinos will offer even more benefits if you are considered a high roller. Spending more money in a casino is bound to get you more attention, so use this to your advantage when playing blackjack.

Given that the odds of winning at the blackjack table are higher than if you play Baccarat, for example, this is an intelligent choice of game to play.  Blackjack is also one of the easiest games to play in a casino, which is another factor in the choice for many players.

Some players prefer to stick to the law of chance or rely on luck when playing blackjack. Others prefer to use strategies such as the Paroli or Martingale, to give themselves a little bit of structure to their bets in the hope of winning big. For those who swear by strategies, there is a clear advantage in doing so.

What’s the Best Way to Play High Stakes casino games?

The best way to play high stakes casino games is, carefully!

That’s the first and most important thing.

It’s possible to stake large amounts on pretty much every casino game these days: you can play high stake slots if you pick the right game, or head to the live casino tables and rack up some bets on the high-limit games.

Know Your Game

To play carefully you need to know what you’re playing.

Make sure you read at the least the game instructions on any game you’re playing.

If you want to play for big money on live casino games then remember that there really isn’t a demo mode, so it’s especially important that you know what you’re doing. Most gambling games are pretty simple, and good live casino staff will talk you through the decision you have to make, but you will do yourself a lot of favours by doing some studying first.

You can play simulator versions of most online casino games that will allow you to play for free, so check these out before you play with real dealers.

Know Your Bank Roll

What happens if you play for big money?

You can go through your cash pretty quickly. So know how much you can afford to spend safely – ie, budget to lose it all – and how much of that amount you’re spending on a single spin or turn of a card.

And good luck!

Some of the Biggest High Rollers Ever

There are high rollers. Then, there are HIGH rollers. These are generally referred to as ‘casino whales’ and these guys know how to spend. Some casino whales can contribute sizeable amounts of cash to a casino, even keeping them open (or closing them down).

These players spend millions rather than hundreds or thousands in a session. If this is the case, you can imagine just how much these players can get in return from casinos. Below, we take a look at some of these most famous high rollers ever to play in the world of casinos.

Three of the most renowned high roller players of all time are Terry Watanabe, Kerry Packer, and Archie Karas.

Terrance ‘Terry’ Watanabe

When we talk big money, this guy’s story will make your eyes water. An American businessman called Terry Watanabe lost over $200m (yes, $200m) gambling at various Las Vegas casinos over the years. More than $100m alone was lost in 2007. Watanabe’s losses actually accounted for an incredible 5.6% of the revenues at Caesar’s Palace casino that year.

Watanabe just loved to gamble. The epitome of a high-roller, he gravitated to games he felt would win him massive amounts. Surprisingly, he preferred to play luck-based games like Slots and Roulette. These are games where the House has a clear advantage, and it showed.

Kerry Packer

Australian media mogul Kerry Packer was made famous in the ’90s as the ‘world’s biggest gambler’. Given that he won over $33m at MGM Grand casino in a single session, this is no surprise whatsoever. The Australian won $20m in just 40 minutes playing Blackjack alone, which is spectacular.

It wasn’t always a green day, however. Packer went to a London casino and lost $30m on four different Roulette tables in a single night.

Conversely,  Packer also broke the bank. In 1990, just little over one week after he won $600,000 there, Aspinalls Club in London had to close down.

Anargyros Karabourniotis (Archie Karas)

Archie Karas is like a superhero of high rollers. He was born in Greece in 1951 and was subjected to poverty as a youngster. He reportedly supplemented his parents’ income with cash he won by playing marbles.

Then he moved to Las Vegas in the early ’90s as an adult. There he took $50 and made $40m, before losing it all in the casino on poker, craps, and baccarat. When you consider just how much money this was – even in the 90’s – it can show how easily sizeable amounts of cash don’t take long to lose if you play recklessly.


A high roller casino player deserves more, given that they keep many casinos afloat. They spend more so should demand more.

In exchange for their higher deposits and revenue, they should be given special attention. High rollers should be provided with better terms and conditions, as you would expect from a player that could potentially account for a sizeable portion of a casino’s total income.