Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casino Guide: Playing Mobile Casino Games in the UK

For many in the UK, the thought of having their smartphone taken from them is one which is an unimaginable horror. These days, we pretty much have everything we need on that phone, other than food, water, and shelter. The funny thing is, we can use that phone to get all three. If you have ever ordered a Chinese, done your shopping, and paid your rent using your phone, you'll understand.

The importance cannot be understated. Given that the majority of people have their head in their phones these days, it only makes sense that companies will know where to find customers. Online casinos are no different.

Besides, if a player can play from anywhere there is an internet connection, they are going to. These days, we have the benefit of not having to sit in front of a computer to play roulette, slots, poker or whatever takes our fancy. We literally have it all in the palm of our hand, so why should we not use it? Mobile casinos are not the clunky, connection-dropping, pathetic facsimiles of casinos that they were over a decade ago.

We dare say that some mobile casinos work better than the main sites, and that is no exaggeration whatsoever.

Pros of Playing on a Mobile Casino

When it comes to the obvious benefits of playing on a mobile casino, the first is that you can essentially do so anywhere you, please. Well, almost anywhere. Anywhere with an internet connection, anyway. From your bed to college, the morning bus to the late night taxi home, playing on mobile gives you this freedom. It would be nothing less than a slap in the face to the technology itself not to use it.

Remember, people used to have to actually visit casinos to play games. You don't. The same way that you would have to actually talk to someone over the phone to order a pizza (no, this is not a lie), you would have to physically approach a croupier to play blackjack. The perks of modern day life are many, and playing mobile versions of your favourite games is one of the sweetest.

What you want when playing mobile casino games is, of course, a good platform. The technology should be sweet, and, when banking, you want the same options you would get on any other platform. Once you do, the pros are endless. Customer services and support are much easier to load and deal with on mobile in many cases, too.

Cons of Playing on a Mobile Casino

To put it simply, the cons will depend on the mobile casino you are playing with. Some are better than others so you will need to use your expertise in choosing what mobile site works best for you. As mentioned above, you want all of the options you have on any other platform, in addition to the software which makes it all happen. When you have everything working in your favour, then you are set.

Hold on a second...

What are all of these things without an internet connection? Without access to the internet, nothing can happen. Make sure that you have full coverage or access to a solid Wi-Fi point or you will be as frustrated as you have ever been. At the same time, know that your device can also be a major factor in your enjoyment. If the phone you have is not up to the task, is small, and has a screen the size of a gnat's hairbrush, you may find yourself reverting back to a desktop.

Choice of Games

Are you a player that likes to bounce around from game to game, playing numerous slots before hitting the roulette tables? Maybe then you want a flutter on the football before you finish up with a few hands of poker? Make sure the mobile casino has the games you want to play.

If you are unsure about a game and tend to stick to one, it could be a great opportunity to sample one of the main games you would find in any reputable online casino.

These are:

Mobile Slots

The most celebrated games in the UK and potentially around the world right now. The reason why is that they are easy to play and bags of fun. In fact, they could be considered as the easiest game to play from any other you would find online. All it takes is a basic understanding of winning combinations, and you are pretty much there. All you need to do then is select a stake and hit the "Spin" button. Simples.

There are a number of different styles of slots, from 3-reel fruit machines to 3D slots based on all kinds of wild and wonderful themes. The sheer choice of slots available on mobile casinos helps make them even more popular among players in the UK. There are more slots than any other game, so slots heads can rejoice.

These kinds of games also lend themselves well to mobile devices. There is no easier game to play as you don't have to pay as much attention with slots. Seeing as you can put them on Autospin and walk away (not advised with your phone, obviously) this makes them a great choice for those with other things to do simultaneously, like chores, make food, or baptise an infant at your local church.

Mobile Roulette

Another game made simple for mobile players is roulette. Easy peasy...

It works like this: you put your bets against a number, colour, or column and wait for that wheel to spin around before a ball drops into the hole with your number or colour of choice.

Red/black, even/odd, and 1-18/19-36 pay even money. Evens translates to "you get back what you stake, plus your stake". In layman's terms, a £1 bet on a number will win you £1. The odds don't seem massively appealing here but remember that there are a number of different bets in roulette, and this is simply scratching the surface.

The biggest odds you get is for a bet on a single number. You win 35 times your bet for this one, which can be as high or as low as you want, providing the table you are playing at allows it. Therefore, a £100 bet on "0" will get you a pretty tasty £3,600. a £100 bet on a number is very high, however, and risky. When considering payouts when betting on a set of numbers, you will once again win based on the risk.

Even, 1-18, and 1st 12 can be wagered easily and without any real hassle.  Also, if you want to bet on two numbers, you can place split bets.  A split bet is when you put a chip over two numbers. If either of those numbers come in, you get just under half the odds of a single number.

Mobile Blackjack

As blackjack is one of the major games which can be found in a casino, you should be safe to assume that any self-respecting online casino will have a few variations of the game in their catalogue. Just like slots and roulette, blackjack is a very easy game to play on the move. It is a big, big favourite for mobile players as a result.

Many players prefer the convenience of playing blackjack through their smartphone, given that is so easy to master. Most sites accessible in the UK provide in-browser or downloadable software in order to play blackjack through their mobiles. Blackjack played via browser is a lot more straightforward, as does not involve the use of an app. Each to their own, however.

When it comes to getting down to the game itself, things are so easy that a child could master it, but we wouldn't recommend trying this theory out. What you need to do is to beat the dealer, targeting a score of 21. If you go over 21, it's game over. If you get an Ace and a K, Q, or J, you have yourself a blackjack, my friend!

Mobile Poker

Poker is simply huge among mobile players. There are a number of casino sites which know this, and a plethora of poker sites which were set up simply to play this game. Whether you want to play poker through a dedicated app or through a mobile casino is your choice. If the casino you choose does not have a poker site, you better call them up and let them know that 1999 wants their site back...

Due to the revenue made by online casinos on poker games, it is a safe bet that you will have no difficulty in finding a sit to play on. Mobile poker is huge, so there are plenty of sites which are only happy to get involved. Given the fact that poker is a game which you play against other players, there is a cool buzz about entering a poker room and making your presence known. It is a game of skill, although that beginner's luck aspect is also pretty prevalent at times.

When it comes to the type of poker game you want to play, you will find that Texas Hold'em is the best which works on mobile or a device you can take around with you. UK poker players take the game seriously, so there will always be a high number of players looking to lock horns with you and thousands of other players out there.

Poker games can often be for a pot, which makes things exceptionally competitive. The amount of money you play for will come down to the room. The size of the buy-in amounts are directionally proportionate to the overall look, so it will come down to the player to decide just how much they are happy to spend on their way to the elusive big win and absolute bragging rights.

What to Consider When Playing Mobile Casino Games

It would be almost a given to suggest that pretty much every online casino you can play on caters to mobile players. Games like slots, roulette, poker, and more are provided to play from your mobile or device, meaning you can take the action with you, anywhere you go. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have the control to play how you want and when you want.

Where mobile casino players can benefit is in the flexibility of playing without the need for a desktop or laptop computer.  Not everyone has the access to both a computer and a smartphone, so this allows players to access sites where they probably wouldn't have had the chance to before. Those who are travelling or immobile will also appreciate the flexibility which mobile casinos can bring.

There is a massive emphasis on delivering the desktop experience to the palm of your hand. Mobile casinos should also be judged on their playability, and all the games and features they can pack in.

The worst case scenario is that you are an existing member of a casino that has not bothered to create a mobile site or app. You cannot play while on the move and enjoy the same experiences as your friends. The good news is that there are thousands of other sites out there that will only be happy to have your business.


What we have learned over the years playing mobile casino games is that they are getting better and better by the year. As technology improves, however, so does the requirement for better compatibility between devices and the software. More than this, if your Wi-Fi is poor, the chances are that you will have little chance of a great time.

With games such as roulette, slots, blackjack, and poker all available to players from the majority of online casinos, the experience you are provided with should be top class. Online casinos need to prove that they are up to the mark, so if this is not the case, then you are free to find one that gives you everything you deserve.