50 Free Spins

Welcome to the wonderful world of 50 free spins casino bonuses and 50 free spins no deposit casino offers! Free stuff, sadly, is not what makes the world go around. That’s still money. So any free stuff you think you may see may not turn out to be entirely free.

That’s to be regretted, no doubt, but even the appearance of free-ness is a good sign, and a smart online slots player with realistic expectations and a bit of common sense can still turn apparently free things (that aren’t really free) into a real bonus.

And although we always warn our readers to keep an eye out for scams and dishonest offers we’re happy to say that free spins are almost always a good thing. And they’re often just what they appear to be.

Casino bonuses too can be useful, but you need to keep an eye on what you’re signing up for. Casino promotions too are something every wise player should be aware of and ready to cash in on.

50 Free Spins Offers for UK Players

50% up to £50 + 30 Extra Spins
in Starburst
100% match bonus up to £200 + 30 extra spins
in Starburstminimum deposit £20
T&Cs Apply
Notification under the button - Full Terms Apply
100 Spins
+ up to £50 Bonus
First Deposit Bonus 100%
up to £100 & 300 Free Spins
100% + 300 Free Spins on Starburst
First Deposit Bonus
T&Cs Apply
The New Player Welcome Bonuses are only available to players who create an account and make their first deposit at Genesis Casino. See full terms.

Casinos and Capitalist Realism

Casinos are businesses. This is not news to you, we know, but it’s something you should never forget when you interact with a casino.

Casinos are also very high tech businesses.

That means that this is different from betting on a coin toss or a dice throw with your friends, this is betting on a set of random events that exist within an environment and with a set of parameters that are completely designed by the people who own the game.

None of this is unique to online casinos. All 50 free spins casinos and all gambling establishments exist to make a profit, and the games that are on offer there are designed to deliver a profit – even though each individual event is random.

In real life casinos, this has extended to all but outlawing some types of skilful play. There is no definition of the word “cheating” that a reasonable person would accept to include simply observing which cards have been played. But if you count cards at a blackjack table and you’re spotted doing it, you’re likely to get kicked out of your comfy chair.

Casinos will offer you a “fair” experience to the extent that they are obliged to by law. Yes, it is likely that a casino site that just fleeced every player out of all their cash in a nakedly unfair way would probably not last long, but it’s by no means a given.

Bear this in mind when you consider what a casino is offering you 50 free spins, or any other promotion or bonus.

Trust Needs to be Earned

Casino sites are very keen to get new players. New players mean new cash.

This means that new sites often offer the best 50 free spins casino offers, cash bonuses and promotions.

Players know this, and that’s why they look for new sites. Just as casinos are playing the market looking for newbies, so casino players can scan the market to look for new sites, hoping to pick up a bonus, win big and run.

That won’t happen.

It could happen, but it is very unlikely to happen, and the casino site experience is designed to stop it from happening.

But the offer of a shiny new bonus from a new site is a tempting one. This is when a player should be most on guard.

The majority of casino players and online gamblers will never encounter anything resembling an out-and-out scam site. But we’re not going to pretend that such sites exist, and exist in large numbers and with increasing sophistication.

So always keep in mind the two golden rules of casino sites:

1 – Is it legal?

A site that is not legal for you to play at is unlikely to offer you a fully legal experience. This includes making sure that you are legal. If a site says you can’t play there if you’re under 21 or come from a particular country then you’re only going to wind up in trouble and out of pocket if you misrepresent your age or location.

Be sure that the site is legal too. Local laws should always be followed. These vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but will usually include some sort of licensing (maybe local, maybe international).

2 – Is it legit?

Legitimacy is harder to spot than legality (though you’ll never get one without the other). Common sense will take you a fair way through the process of spotting a legitimate site. The views of other people – including good quality review sites – will add to your defences.

No legitimate site will mind you seeing the whole site before you hand over money. And no legitimate site will offer you a welcome offer that is too good to be true – no deposit bonuses are genuinely very rare, and they’re always accompanied by a load of restrictions if you see one then check it out in full.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Cash welcome bonuses

The commonest bonus is the Welcome Bonus. New sites have very little going for them. It is likely that the games they have can be played somewhere else. It’s unlikely that they offer anything much extra in terms of value to bettors – game returns are fairly standard across the industry. And while there are gimmicks that play well with players for a while – things like social media extras, chat rooms, and so on – they are rarely unique.

So a new site needs new players. The hope is that a welcome bonus will tempt players to sign up, stay for the long term and prove profitable.

By profitable we mean that they will do what the vast majority of online slots and web casino site users do – they will lose money.

So, sites offer to give new players money.

In order to earn this bonus, you will usually have to deposit money of your own. The most common formulation is to offer a percentage of the player’s first deposit at the site as a bonus. Cash match 100% bonuses are common. Higher figures are rarer and worth seeking out.

There will always be a top limit on the bonus.

50 Free Spins No Deposit Cash Bonuses

Rare as hell but always welcome, the 50 free spins no deposit bonus is prized by players. But wise players are actually wary of these bonuses.

Giving a player free money is a recipe for bankruptcy: unless you make sure they spend all that money at your casino.

50 Free Spins No Deposit casino bonuses are likely to be smaller in size, and the restrictions on them will be much more onerous. They can be so restrictive that it might even be less trouble to a player to turn them down as they sign up and simply start playing with their own money.

An alternative to giving to money to a player to make his or her own choices with is to label the bonus as a “free spins” offer. And the commonest number is a 50 free spins bonus.

These will likely be on slots, rather than casino games and there will be limits on how you can use the 50 free spins and other rules and regulations to follow.

A 50 free spins casino bonus is a not uncommon size for these sorts of bonus.

Restrictions on Bonuses

We think that it’s unusual for sites like ours to say that it’s sometimes worthwhile turning down bonuses. In fact, we know it’s unusual.

However, it is a genuine option and one player should consider. They should only take that step, however, after reading the small print – of which there will be a lot.

The commonest restrictions on bonus funds, 50 free spins, and free goes are these:

Play-through Restrictions

Play through is an amount of money that a player must deposit and play with before they are allowed to withdraw cash won with bonus funds.

This is common small print in most casino sites.

The ones that we like set it out most honestly like this, with actual amounts.

Let’s look at an example of a play-through requirement (sometimes called a wagering requirement) of 20X. You need to check whether this amount applies to the total of your first deposit or just to the bonus amount.

With a €10 deposit with a 100% bonus and that 20x requirement, you will have a balance of €20, but before you can take out any of that balance or any of the money that you win with it you will need to bet €4,000.

Weighted Play-through Restrictions

Almost all bonuses come with further limits on the cash. The most common of these is weighing the amount of your money that counts towards paying off your wagering requirement.

So, let’s look at that example again.

We’ve got our €20 balance and we’re happy that we have to spend €4,000 to unlock it (OK, we’re not happy, but we’ve accepted it). Then we read the next table in the terms and conditions, and find that not all games are equal, and that blackjack is weighted at 10%.

That means that when you play blackjack, only 10c in every € you play with counts towards paying off your wagering requirements.

This is not good news if you like Blackjack, because now if you want to play blackjack you have to pay ten times as much, and you’re looking at €40,000 worth of playing.

The games that are weighted are usually the ones that offer the best value to players (blackjack is a great example of this), or are very popular (a lot of the top slots will be limited), or have a special attraction to players (live casino games or table games as a whole are sometimes limited).

50 Free Spins With Wagering Requirements

The best and easiest way to understand 50 free spins casino bonuses is simply as another way of expressing an amount of money. That’s what it really comes down to in the end.

So you should expect to see a restriction on these too.

The games you are allowed to play with your 50 free spins are likely to be controlled. The amounts of money that will be credited to your account is likely to be limited. And there is likely to be a wagering requirement attached to any money that you win – that is, that you need to play with a multiple of the value of the spins from your own pocket before you can withdraw money won with them.

Maximum Win Restrictions

You may have seen the heart-warming story of the player who won what was in 2015 the world’s largest casino slots win. When Jon Heywood won his €17,879,645 on Mega Moolah from Microgaming he did it for a 25p spin.

Imagine if that was your first spin!

Big wins are possible (they’re very unlikely, but if they weren’t there no-one would play), and casinos don’t want them to go to players who have just arrived.

So you will probably see a limit on the total you can win with your bonus.

Time Limits on Casino Bonuses

Most free spins and cash bonuses will come with a time limit on them too.

This will usually ensure that you have to use any bonus cash or 50 free spins within a set time limit. No hoarding that cash for later! It’s all got to be used up. A week is not an uncommon amount of time to see.

Staged bonuses might continue the restrictions through a number of serial deposits, offering a set of bonuses for deposits that will probably be presented as a total, so a 100% bonus plus a 50% bonus on a second deposit and 25% bonuses on third and fourth bonuses.

These bonuses may well have to be collected to a time table, and you may be expected to use up all of your bonus funds before you can enjoy the next stage of your journey.

The Value of 50 Free Spins and Casino Bonuses to Casino Sites

If you want to look at the relationship between a casino site and its players, you might be better off thinking of yourself not as a straight-forward customer of the site in the traditional sense.

That might sound a little mad, but the truth is, the casino site wants you to put in time at the site and will take most of your money in return.

That is how 50 free spins, casino bonuses and promotions are designed. They are designed to get you to sign up and to spend a lot of time at a site as soon as you have signed up.

Accepting a bonus is buying into a site. We all know the feeling of wanting to stay around until we’ve gone through the play-through requirement so we can take out what little money we’ve won.

So bear this in mind.

The Value of 50 Free Spins and Casino Bonuses to Casino Players

None of this makes 50 free spins casino bonuses worthless or means that all casino bonuses should be turned down.

It just means that players should be aware of what they’re signing up for.

First of all, check that the 50 Free Spins casino site is safe and legal.

Then check that it’s a site that you would – and hopefully are going to – enjoy with or without a bonus or a load of free spins.

Then see if the free spins or bonuses are worth accepting. It might just save you a load of time on games you don’t like to just decline the bonus when you sign up.

Be realistic in your expectations and do at least a little research. The example terms we’ve outlined are by no means the most restrictive on the web, and you owe it to yourself to think about what a bonus will mean to your experience of a site.

Our advice is to accept that most bonuses are pretty incidental to the experience you’ll have at an online casino site and pretty incidental to how much you’ll win there. Pick sites that you love and offer long-term value rather than cherry-pick for big bonuses that don’t come with a clear exit strategy.

Reload Bonuses and Other Extras

Once you’re signed up, the online casino site wants to keep you.

To that end, they should offer a good programme of continuing bonuses, free spins (50 free spins or not – and it’s likely to be many fewer) and offers and events.

That’s something you should definitely look for when you sign up. You should also be aware that these bonuses will also come with similar restrictions to the welcome bonuses.

The typical picture is that these bonuses will be less generous – you’re already a customer after all – and the restrictions on them will be about the same (because that’s the way things go, right?).

Common bonuses include rewards for depositing, called reload bonuses.

It’s not unusual to see bonuses tied around days in the week, as a reward for depositing on Mondays, or weekend free spins.

We think that a nice touch is to give an extra bonus to ongoing bonuses: say, a genuine social aspect to games or gaming, or a loyalty scheme that gives tangible, real-world prizes to players in return for their time and play. However, such things are relatively rare.

Tournaments are the most-often seen social event in casino sites, offering players the chance to play a game for a set period of time with the winner taking a prize.

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