100 Free Spins

One of the oldest clichés is that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. But what about 100 free spins casino bonuses? Are they for real?

We think this is a more complex question than a yes or a no can answer.

That’s counterintuitive because it seems a fairly simple proposition: I sign up at this casino site and I get a 100 free spins casino bonus, which I’m will enjoy very much.

But the cliché remains true. Free is rarely what it seems to be on the face of it. There will be some charge for you. No capitalist business will exist if it actually gives away goods that have value without taking money for them.

And casino sites are among the most successful capitalist businesses in the internet economy.

We don’t want to be negative here. There are negatives to 100 free spins casino bonuses, but many of them are very worth accepting and enjoying. But, as with any proposition in any transaction, you need to go into the deal fully informed and knowing what the outcome is going to be.

So let’s have a look at 100 free spins casino bonuses and promotions.

100 Free Spins Bonuses for UK Players

50% up to £50 + 30 Extra Spins
in Starburst
100% match bonus up to £200 + 30 extra spins
in Starburstminimum deposit £20
T&Cs Apply
Notification under the button - Full Terms Apply
100 Spins
+ up to £50 Bonus
First Deposit Bonus 100%
up to £100 & 300 Free Spins
100% + 200 Spins
on Starburst
T&Cs Apply
20 Free Spins will be instantly credited upon qualifying deposit. Remainder will be credited at the rate of 20 per day for 9 days on Starburst. Deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for the welcome offer.

100 Free Spins Casino Bonuses – the Presentation

We’re going to have a look at a typical 100 free spins casino bonus and how it is presented to the player.

The first results we find when looking through Google results for 100 free spins bonuses are ones that appear to offer “no deposit” bonuses.

These are often problematic.

Almost all casino sites offer bonuses of some kind. This is how a new site gets started, and how any casino site continues – they need new customers all the time.

The most common bonuses are cash match bonuses or other cash bonuses. These reward a new customer not for signing up or joining, but for putting money in their account. On so doing, they will be rewarded with an amount of cash, usually styled as a 100% bonus, or a cash match, or double your cash.

This is easily understandable (though we’ll go into the details of how your use of even this cash will be restricted to make this a good deal for the casino).

Something for nothing

A no deposit bonus promises to give you something for nothing. You don’t even have to deposit any cash, you just need to join up and you’ll be given cash to play with or 100 free spins.


The sites we recommend and any licensed and legal site you see will be operating inside some pretty strict parameters about what it is allowed to do, including advertising standards (however loose they may be).

They are not allowed to straight-up lie to you or to mislead you in any meaningful way. However, these rules obviously do allow a fair amount of leeway, most specifically on what is presented upfront – 100 free spins no deposit bonus – versus what is explained in the small print.

OK, fair enough, we all know nothing is quite what it seems in commercial capitalism.

But you need to know this stuff.

Google vs The Truth

The first interesting result we found when clicking through Google searches that gave us the result, “100 free spins no deposit” is that most of these offers were – in some sense – fictional.

That’s right. There weren’t actual offers of 100 free spins available. Many were flagged up, but then revealed as expired or currently unavailable. Some of them were straight-up made up we’re sorry to say.

100 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus – Example

Here’s an example of an offer of this sort that does actually exist works.

The headline offer is changed from “100 free spins no deposit bonus” to “up to 100 free spins no deposit bonus”.

See where we’re going here.

The number of spins you are given depends on the spin of a wheel, which will give you between 10 and 100 free spins from a 12-section wheel. We haven’t clicked through to check, but we’ll make a relatively confident prediction that there are only one or maybe two 100 spin sections.

The free spins – however many you win – can be played only on limited games. In this case, those games are Starburst, one of the UK’s most popular slots and a worldwide hit, or other NetEnt games. This is great, NetEnt are a fantastic company and they have a load of good games, but this list reduces your freedom with your apparently free spins.

No progressive jackpot games

You are also barred from playing progressive jackpot games. These are the slots that give the biggest prizes. They do it by taking a tiny slice of every stake on the game and pooling it to build a giant prize pot between many instances of a game or sites.

You have to play your free spins within seven days of signing up at the site.

If you win anything with your free spins your winnings will be given to you as bonus funds, on which will be placed a wagering requirement of 25-times. (There’s more on wagering requirements to come.)

After you have met the wagering requirements your winnings can be converted into a cash maximum of £20.

There is also a “Fair play” clause. In this case, it says this: “Players who merely deposit to benefit from the spins reward will be limited to a max withdrawal of their deposit amount and spins winnings will be void.”

100 Free Spins No Deposit – Restrictions and What they mean

That’s a lot of small print. So what does it all mean?

Well, the long and the short of it is, that even if you win 100 free spins you can never have more than £20 in winnings.

Some of the terms – limits on game titles and so on – are self-explanatory.

Wagering requirements might be new to you tough. This requirement – sometimes called playthrough – is one of the big bugbears of casino players, and they come as a nasty shock to many a new player who sees “100 free spins bonus” and thinks they’re going to cash in.

A wagering requirement is an amount of your own money that you must spend at a site – this usually means actually stake on a machine – before you are allowed to access bonus funds as actual cash.

So this 25x wagering requirements means this. If you win 100 free spins, and while playing with those you win £10, you will have to spend 25 times that, or £250 before you’re allowed to withdraw those funds.

How much?

Yeah, it’s a lot of money.

Fair play clause

The fair play clause may also be a problem. There is an axiom from regulatory agencies, that if regulation exists it probably means that someone has tried to do the thing that is being regulated. So, if you discover that there’s a law in your jurisdiction that specifically bans putting rat poison in baby food, then, yeah, it probably means that someone once tried to do that.

The fair play clause is there because every smart player out there has a little dream of their own. It’s that they’re going to go around signing up at new sites with big, fat bonuses, they’re going to use those bonus funds and free spins to win big and scuttle off without ever handing any of their own money over to the sites and get rich.

Fair play clauses stop you from doing that. And this is not a scientific measure. How does one know that a player has signed up only to use 100 free spins bonus spins? Well, a site might decide that this is you if you don’t play any other games at the site.

Or, if you don’t deposit any money, as you would need to do if you were going to play paid-for games.

So, you could find yourself thinking you’d like to check out a site for free with their 100 free spins offer, and have sanctions slapped on you.

100 Free Spins – You Are the Product

Another axiom has become popular in the age of social media.

“If it’s free, then you are the product.“

It’s easy to see how this works with social media. You’re allowed to use Facebook for free. In return, Facebook collects a load of data about you and your behaviour that allows it to offer advertisers – including, it turns out, some pretty unsavoury advertisers.

Thus, you are the product.

So, if a casino site wants to give you 100 free spins you need to see how the site benefits. How it turns you into the product.

A couple of things in those restrictions stand out as being obvious pointers to what’s going on here.

By offering you a 100 free spins bonus, a site wants you to stick around. If you just play your spins and go you’re not any use. So, you have to be persuaded/forced into staying around and throwing a load of your own money after those free spins.

So, the seven-day time restriction makes sure you have to keep coming back to a site regularly over a short period of time to play. Maybe it’ll become a habit for you.

Imagine that you do win some cash with your free spins. Humans aren’t completely rational beings. You’re likely to want to have that money, even if it costs you substantial amounts of money to get your “free” gift.

So giving you free spins makes it very likely that you will win something, and it makes it very likely that you will want to hang around – and spend that 25-times your winnings – until you have earned your freebie.

100 Free Spins with Deposit Bonus

So our first example was a no deposit offer, largely because Google pointed us in that direction. It is much more likely that you will be asked to make a deposit when you play.

(Even if you don’t have to make a deposit to claim a 100 free spins bonus, it’s pretty likely that you’ll have to provide some sort of payment details to the site. This is how confident the company that runs the casino site is that you’ll need to give them money in the end – they don’t want to put any barriers in the way of you doing that when the time comes.)

Here’s an example of a 100 free spins offer that does ask you to make a deposit.

It allows you to use your 100 free spins on just one game that you must select when you sign up. Already, your freedom is being restricted.

In order to activate the offer, you need to make a deposit of 20 credits (choose your currency) in your account.

Money won with the free spins has a wagering requirement on it. And you have to use your free spins within 30 days. The “fair play” clause isn’t there, but the general terms of the casino apply, and they will include a similar clause.

Should I cash My 100 Free Spins Bonus?

You may be wondering at this point if it’s even worth looking at a site offering you a substantial number of free spins.

We’re aware that our site takes a somewhat different view in these articles than most other sites do.

That’s because we want to be honest. We want our players to be informed and go into deals with their eyes open.

So, we explain the catches.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s all catch and no plus!

There are undoubtedly plusses to using a 100 free spins bonus.

Reasons to use the 100 free spins bonus:

It is free. We’ve gone into the limitations of this. But if you’d like to play a game included in one of these offers without paying any money you can. It’s just that you’re not going to win a lot of money doing so.

You’ll also be able to have a look around a site properly. A lot of details about an online casino website are hidden to outsiders. You really do have to get in there to see if a site lives up to the promises on the door. To check out how a site works, what its promotions and maybe its customer service is like you need to be a member.

Getting that tour without depositing is not to be sniffed at.

Playing games for free is also valuable. Experience is everything, information is liberation, and knowledge is power! So, if you want to become an expert Starburst player – a popular free spins game – then it’s not going to do you any harm to do so without putting your hand in your pocket.

Then we’ll be bold enough to assume something about you. We’ll assume that you like playing slots! Cashing a bonus and enjoying some risk-free fun is a brilliant way to check out a site and to enjoy gameplay on a game that you love.

How to Win with 100 Free Spins Bonuses

The reality is that you are unlikely to win large prizes with free spins bonuses.

The healthiest way to assess these bonuses is to put aside winnings.

The next thing to do is to make sure you’ve fully read the small print. If your winnings are going to be limited to £20 then that’s something that you need to know before you start playing. Finding out that a win of several thousand credits is worth a hundredth of that when you come to cash it out is not good for anyone’s health.

You’ll win with 100 free spins bonuses if you think ahead and only use your 100 free spins bonuses as free tours around sites you’re not sure you’re going to play at in the long term.

Or as a nice extra from sites, you know that you’re going to like.

How you play is up to you, of course, but we do ask players to be wary at signing up at a load of sites at once. It’s far better to find a good site that you love, that is going to treat you well, and has excellent service than to run around trying to cash in a load of bonuses that aren’t really that lucrative.

Shopping around is good. Opening accounts just for the sake of it is not a great idea, and can even be dangerous in over-exposing your personal details.

Sites make a tidy little profit by cashing in dormant accounts after time limits are passed, and we wonder how many of those were grabbed by players dreaming of cashing in bonus after bonus?

Make a 100 Free Spins Bonus Work for You

We’re proud to be counter-intuitive in articles like this. Because we know that means you’ll keep coming back, and you’ll keep checking out the great information we can give you about 100 free spins bonuses that are worth cashing in.

Because those offers are out there: good honest offers from quality sites with excellent games. Those are the ones to check out, and those are the ones that we select to signpost to you.

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