Casino Wearables Become Mainstream Currency

Next time you enter a real-world casino you may be given a high-tech wearable wristband to wear. The technology, first used at Disneyland to provide ride passes has now found its way into that bastion of casino play – the cruise liner.

A carnival cruise company has announced plans to give passengers on board its cruise liners the wristbands which have been developed to make life on board the luxury floating liners as easy as possible. Using the device you can unlock your room, purchase food in the restaurant and play casino games at the tables.

Now something as uncouth as having to buy your chips with a credit card has been done away with and you can continue playing your favourite casino games without having to top up at the cashier.

The wearable is called “The Medallion” and as well as being worn on the wrist it can also be hung around the neck as a pendant or necklace. It features the name of the guest and the ship you are sailing on in case you forget which one you’re on.

Using Bluetooth and Near Field Technology (NFC) very similar to your mobile phone the wearable can connect with the ships payment systems and staff. It’s solar-powered so no need for a battery and you won’t find yourself short of a buy-in at the next high-stakes poker game.

It should be no surprise that the man behind the wearable technology for Carnival cruise lines is also the same guy that pioneered the technology for Disney for eighteen years. John Padgett was the mastermind behind the Magicband, the wristband device that Disney guests use to buy food, merchandise and access their hotel rooms. He was clearly poached to provide the brains and get the project off the ground.

Carnival has already rolled out the wearable technology on its Regal Princess ship and the medallions will roll out to two more of its ships during 2017 before a full-scale roll out to the entire fleet.

What Can You Expect As A Carnival Passenger?

The medallion will arrive in the post about a month prior to your departure. You’ll use it to board the ship and check-in. Walk right up to your door and the medallion will unlock it. No messing around with cards or keys. A digital screen will light up and welcome you by name. When you leave your room staff will know it’s vacant and commence cleaning.

Want to order room service? The wristband will know where you are so if you suddenly get an urge for a Baccarat session the prawn sandwiches will be brought directly to you instead of being left outside your door to wither in the air conditioning.

As well as the wearable device you’ll also be able to download an App to your smartphone which will have menu details, restaurant and bar opening times and I’m sure they’ll tell you when a seat at the next 50/100 Holdem table is available for you.

No doubt the technology will transfer to land-based casinos near you in the very near future.

Contact Carnival cruises on 0843 374 2272.