Can You Make £10,000 By Claiming Free Casino Money?

There’s a meme in journalism circles called Betteridge’s law that says that any headline that asks a question can be answered with a no.

Before you rush off, we’ll add that Mr Betteridge (a technology writer who has sadly passed away) was not being entirely serious. And we’ll also add that you could easily answer this question with a yes.

However, it would be wiser and fairer to say that it is both possible and extremely unlikely that you will make £10,000 by claiming free casino money.

So what’s the plan?

OK, in order to do this you need to have some resources of your own already.

You also need to have a lot of patience.

And this being the gambling world you need to have some luck.

So how would you claim £10,000 from free casino cash?

The first thing to do is to shop around. Casino sites use free casino money to do one thing above all else, and that is to bring in new customers. The hope for the website is that you will like their site so much that you stick around for the long term. If you want to collect loads of free casino money then you should not stick around for the long term.

The best way to make free money is to shop around for new welcome bonuses. The most generous welcome bonuses are those for new sites. A site with no pedigree is the neediest site you’ll ever meet on the internet. It needs you more than you need it, and it’s at this stage that the consumer has the most power to sway markets.

Free Money versus the Wagering Requirement

If you’ve ever read any of our casino site reviews then you’ll know our views on wagering requirements. They’re the same as most players’ views. No-one likes wagering requirements, but one has little choice other than to accept them.

So when you get your free cash as part of a casino welcome bonus, you are not going to get it with no strings attached.

The chief condition will be the wagering requirement that demands that you spend a multiple of the money you’re given as a bonus before you’re allowed to touch any money you win with that bonus.

You cannot get around this. This is why you need a lot of your own money to begin this process. Because in order to claim the maximum in bonuses you need to deposit maximum amounts, this will push your wagering requirements up to the maximum.

Free Money versus the Other Restrictions

If restrictions on bonus funds ended with wagering requirements, we’d still moan about wagering requirements. However, they do not end with wagering requirements.

Beyond those, it is likely you’ll find maximum wins you’re allowed to collect. Limits on games you’re allowed to play. A time limit by which you must have met the wagering requirement to cash out any of your bonus wins.

And, the wagering requirement itself is likely to have further restrictions on the way it will be paid off. Usually, this means that the money you spend on the games with the best theoretical return to player will count for less than the money you spend on bog-standard slots.

Some of the big games will be out of the equation altogether. You will almost certainly not be allowed to play progressive jackpot games with welcome bonus cash.

A Realistic Guide to Free Casino Money

Things aren’t looking good for our free casino money £10,000, are they?

Sadly not, but it’s better that you have an honest view of what you can achieve with bonus cash.

Never fall for the headline offer and clever marketing. Reading the small print – or checking out a site like ours that gives specialist honest casino reviews – is a must.

There may be some exception to the rule out there: a site that will allow you to gamble freely with your free casino money and simply walk away with the winnings. We haven’t seen it yet.

So, the way you’re going to claim £10,000 in free casino money is to do it very slowly over a very long period of time and at a fraction of the huge amount of your own money that you’ll need to invest.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll never do it. And it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing. Any extras or freebies are worth exploring and by learning your way around the way bonuses work you’ll learn good, thrifty play.

So you need to plan your play around which games give you the best return and which will give you the best chance of winning.

Planning to Maximise Free Casino Money

So our free £10,000 has now become a long-term project.

That’s OK. Because playing this way, is the best way to play all casino games: looking for value, playing cautiously, knowing the games inside out.

It’s also worth noting that this approach takes something out of the game.

FUN! Gambling already has a random element to it. That’s the whole point. And if you’re going to play for money you’re essentially trying to reduce the random element as much as possible.

And that might not be what you’re looking for.

So our advice – as always – is to accept that gambling will probably cost you money in the long run. Free money is best seen as a free playing opportunity and a good way to check out a new site.

For most players, the investment in time, study, and slow, methodical play is going to take all the fun out of their play. And the simplest shortcut to making a lot of money in casinos is starting off with a lot of money. That’s not an option for many players.

We hope you enjoy your gambling and always play safely. That’s the best way to get the best returns. And always keep your eye open for good special offers: they do exist and they can be worth cashing in, things like special odds on sports betting, for example, are always worth keeping an eye out for, and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date.