Best Way to Play Your Chances with an Online Roulette Bonus

A roulette bonus could be just what you’re looking for! Roulette is the most popular table game in most casinos, and its popularity has travelled online just beautifully.

The game is simple yet sophisticated and can be enjoyed by beginners relatively easily while offering depths of betting strategy and play that keep connoisseurs coming back for more. Throw in some French mystique and some great accessories around the game – there’s nothing wrong with being stylish – and you won’t be surprised to see that the headline offer at most online casino sites involves roulette.

You can now play roulette not just as a simulator (which isn’t that dissimilar to playing slots), but also as live streaming games. These games film a game in a remote location and allow players all over the world to take a perch at the table.

With multi-camera angles and fully immersive games, it is getting easier and easier to play a game that approaches a casino experience online.

But when you cash in that roulette bonus how should you make the most of it and play the chances to turn an online roulette bonus into a good long session and maybe some big wins?

Here are 10 tips:

Online Roulette Bonus Betting Systems

We’re not big fans of betting systems. Genuine casino games, whether played on or offline, are genuinely random. No system can do anything other than minimising losses. However, if you’re going to try a system then having a free credit or two in your bank is a decent time to give it a go.

The Martingale system is the most popular system. You need to be on 1/1 bets. Each time you lose, double your bet.

This can get expensive very quickly, so beware if you go beyond your bonus and start spending your own money.

The best system is one that respects your own financial limits and keeps your money safely in your pocket for as long as possible.

The Best Game for your Online Roulette Bonus

American roulette still persists. We find that quite amazing as if there is a choice you should always play European or French roulette.

American roulette adds an extra losing square to the wheel – the double zero – and increases the house edge. It’s not a major change in odds, but it’s enough to make a difference and if you can you should stroll past the American table and sit with the Europeans.

Know the Odds – A Step Too Far

Playing with a bonus might tempt you to take some risks with more dangerous bets. These usually offer good value, but very rarely hit. That’s fair enough, but the highest house edge on the table is also found in one of these bets, the five number run from 0 to 3 (with the double zero). The house edge on this is nearly 8%. You can’t plan whether or not you’re going to win, but in a long session knowing that the spins that you do win on give you most of the cash is the best you can do.

Play Your Online Roulette Bonus Slowly and Surely

You’re a gambler, so we’ll assume you know this, but you’re much more likely to keep the money coming in on the lowest odds bets. They may lack the glamour – and the enticing French names – of the outside wagers, but going for a straight red/black, odd or even, or low/high bet gives you an even chance of winning and the lowest house edge in the game.

Online Roulette Bonuses – a Winning Combination

Gambling games have been designed to favour the house. This isn’t controversial, it’s a fact. However, clever gamblers know that one or two little things have slipped through the net in all those centuries of development.

One of these is a specific combination bet in roulette. There is an imbalance on the table in the two top rows of the 12s. Both of them have more of one colour than the other – 9 to 7 in one direction. Bet on these rows on the table and on the dominant colour at the same time. If your third bet comes in you’re likely to have won the colour bet, and if it doesn’t your colour bet acts as a decent insurance bet with nearly half a chance of coming in.

It’s the closest thing to a winning strategy in the game.

Online Roulette Bonuses in Little Pieces

Obvious advice again, but small bets will make your money last longer. The betting systems almost all rely on recovering the money with big saving bets, but your best bet to guarantee a long, enjoyable session is to simply stake very small amounts.

There’s absolutely no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about this, it’s absolutely your right to play this way, and absolutely the best and wisest way for a beginner to play.

Know your Limits with your Online Roulette Bonus

It’s easy to burn through a bonus and start in on your own money. Give some serious thought to that. A bonus is a great way to check out a site for free. Why not pledge to yourself that you’ll take a break once you’ve played through your online roulette bonus, take a look at the game and how you’re enjoying it before you carry on with any of your own money.

Risk to Reward

We’ve urged a good deal of caution in this guide. But big rewards are won by those who take the biggest risks. You can still stake small and look for big prizes by picking single number bets. Using a bonus means it’s not your money you’re risking, and the wheel might just come up trumps for you.

Read the Rules of your Online Roulette Bonus

Most online casino bonuses come with a lot of restrictions on how you can play with the money you’re granted and how you can use any winnings that you hit with your online roulette bonus. Read the restrictions before you start playing unless you want to spoil your session with some serious disappointment. If you’re not happy with the regs then simply don’t play.

Enjoy Your Online Roulette Bonus

The safest gambler is the happy gambler. And the happy gambler is a player who knows the game enough to understand the chances of winning or losing. Who accepts that all casino games are risky and are tilted to favour the casino. And who is playing with money they can afford to lose and in a safe way. If you enjoy your game and your online roulette bonus you’ll take all the pressure out of the game and get an experience you’ll want to repeat – win or lose!