3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Claim Live Casino Bonuses

What’s a live casino? It seems like a reasonable question. The answer is simple, a live casino is one that allows you to interact with a live, real-life game. The games are filmed – usually in a studio in the casino’s home country – and players use the web to make their choices: hitting in live blackjack, betting on a live roulette table, or picking numbers in a live sic bo game.

What’s a bonus? Another reasonable question. We’ll take the general definition as a sum of money – or sometimes free spins or free goes – that a player is given when they sign up with a casino site.

Should you claim a live casino bonus then?

We think you should, and here are three reasons why:

1 – Free Money!

There are lots of catches around live casino bonuses. There is no denying this. Read the small print and you’ll find that the average live casino bonus will commit you to spend a large multiple of your own money before you can cash in what you have won with the bonus funds.

And guess what?

You don’t have to do that! Taken at face value, a live casino bonus is free money. And all those restrictions are – as you’d expect – restrictive. But they don’t alter the simple fact of a gift, and they don’t alter the fact that you can always just walk away as soon as your free money is gone!

2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Online casino games are not always simple. Most people will pick up a slot game in a spin or two. The same isn’t true for all of the traditional casino games. In fact, their sophistication and complication give them depth and it’s very much part of the appeal of a game like Baccarat, that there is a whole scene in which to immerse yourself.

If gambling really was just all about gambling then the most successful sites would feature a string of random number generators with players simply guessing what comes next.

But they’re not.

If you fancy getting into one of these more sophisticated game then there’s a lot to be said for practising. It’s hard to get practice sessions in a live casino. Playing on simulations is a different matter. We highly recommend you explore this and find a site that will let you play casino games for free – it’s a great start to your practice.

But a live casino site is different. You cannot play a live casino game without another person, and that person has to be paid. There may be people out there who love casino games enough that they’re going to sit online at the end of a webcam dealing blackjack cards.

We have yet to find this person – please let us know if you find them.

In the meantime, the best way to practice live casino play is to pick up bonus funds and start gambling with them.

3 – When Someone Offers You a Free Tour it’s Rude to Refuse!

The restrictions around live casino bonuses, particularly no deposit live casino bonuses are a big deal. We don’t want to hide that. Wagering restrictions, game limitations, staking limits, win limits… they’re all a pain in the neck, and there’s not a site in the world that we’ve seen that doesn’t use small print to explain these restrictions when the big headline offer is simply:


That’s OK. It’s just the way the business operates.

But even with those restrictions, a live casino bonus does give you opportunities that you would be foolish to waste.

We’ve covered practice play, but free funds and free spins also give you a chance to look around a live casino site. Sites show only their best side in the public-facing pages that are shown to all browsers.

Once you get inside things can be a little different.

Now, don’t get us wrong, most casino sites offer a great experience, but it’s worth checking them out in full, and to do that you need an account, and you need to get a look around. Live casino sites are a particularly personal experience because you’re interacting with real people, and there’s a social aspect to the experience. You wouldn’t join a social club that you’d never been in, would you?

Using Your Live Casino Bonus Wisely

So we’ve given you 3 solid reasons for picking up a live casino bonus.

But we’re a bit like a casino site, there’s always small print.

And that’s our first piece of small print advice – read it! And understand it. Sites like ours are here to help you understand what wagering restrictions and so on mean to you as a player.

Don’t let a big live casino bonus persuade you to sign up to a site that you wouldn’t otherwise use. Certainly, be wary about sites that offer bonuses that seem super generous in the current market. Never play at an unlicensed or unsafe site, and be aware that over-generous bonuses are a key way that scam sites attract people to scam.

So cash your bonus, and get practising, celebrate your free money, and really take a look around a site. But don’t expect a live casino bonus to make you rich. Remember that the bonus offers you certain things, but it also serves a purpose for the casino site, which is to get you inside, get you signed up, and turn you into a regularly depositing player.

If you’re going to be a regularly depositing player at a site, be one at a site that you love from top to bottom and end to end, not one that had the most eye-catching bonus offer.

It’s almost always a good idea to accept a free online live casino bonus, but it isn’t always. Experience and knowledge should guide you, and you should be ready to walk away from offers that ask to much of you, and you should walk away once a bonus has served its purpose for you.