Relic Seekers Slot – Review, RTP & Free Play Casino Demo

Slots players seem to be obsessed with archaeology! That’s the only conclusion we can make from the huge range of games that put players on the hunt for ancient historical artefacts.

Relik Seekers slot, a May 2019 release from Pulse 8 Studios, is the latest online video slot to give players a chance to go digging for lost treasures, this time in a sort of East Asian-themed setting.

This is a stylish and sophisticated character-based game, released in conjunction between Pulse 8 Studios and Microgaming.

The set-up is pretty typical, but the volatility is rated as “high”, so look for big wins.

There are a load of extras, including Microgaming’s famous Rolling Reels feature. Yes, there is a free spins round.

The style really kicks in in the design, which is moody and atmospheric and really gives you a feeling of dusty libraries, and deep dark caverns, as you collect characters in gameplay that has a touch of the video game to it.

Will you venture underground to try to get your hands into the Dragon Vein?

Let’s have a look in this Relik Seekers slot review!

The Developers of Relic Seekers Slot

This is a partnership between Pulse 8 Studios and Microgaming.

This sort of tie-up is getting more and more common in the online video slots world. Microgaming is a gigantic international company with a base in the UK, who have a massive market share in all parts of the world. They’re partnering with smaller design studios in order to get more vibrant and different gaming design on board.

This is one of only two games from Pulse 8 Software (the other is Treasures of Lion City). With that little to go on – and a website that doesn’t tell us much more – it’s hard to know much about these guys yet.

They obviously have the design skills, and working with Microgaming is going to do them nothing but good in terms of visibility and market share – watch this space is the message.

The Facts and Figures about Relic Seekers Slot

The Relic Seekers slot game is rated as highly volatile. What does that actually mean? The reality is that most players will not notice much of a difference from a measure that is an assessment of a game over the long term. High volatility means that a game is likely to pay out less often, but the prizes are likely to be bigger. This sometimes comes with a slightly lower theoretical return to player (RTP), but not in this case as Relic Hunter is bang on the industry average at  96.03% or a house edge of 3.97%.

The top prize of 110,000 coins is very good. Make sure you’re up to date with coin values, stakes, and pay-out limits at the site you’re using – and make sure you always play safely.

The betting runs from 25p to £100 for 25 pay-lines that run across a 15-symbol, 5-by-3 grid.

Get this Relic Seekers slot game going on any device that supports JavaScript and HTML5.

The Game

You won’t waste any time finding your way around this sleek, modern design.

Controls in the usual strip along the bottom of the screen run like this from left to right:

The Cog (settings) control, information, sound, help, bet amount, and then a central window holding all the text information you need to know. To the right are the win window and your balance.

The main controls: bet amount, max bet, spin button, and Autospin, sit in the centre over the information window, vanishing when they’re not needed.

How to Win

There’s a lovely look and feel to the pay-table that is themed all the way down.

Coloured relics open the table, paying 4-times stake for full sets of the purple and red relic, and 5-times for the blue, green, and yellow.

Then there are the character symbols: Tortas pays 11-times stake for a full-house; Nora 12-times; and Morgan 15-times stake.

The Free Man pays 18-times stake, and the wild, a lamp, pays 42-times stake.

Relic Seekers Slot Bonuses

There’s a lot going on in the bonus games.

First up is a unique Symbol Turn Wild feature.

It works with the Rolling Reels feature. That’s a respin with winning symbols dropping out. If you get two or more of these on the trot then one of the top-paying symbols will turn into a wild: first Nora, then Morgan, then the Free Man. This could mean big wins, and it also operates during the free spins round.

Free spins are triggered with three scatters. You start off with 10. There’s an extra feature here with a set of keys to collect that award extra free spins (two extras for three keys, and two with a 2-times multiplier for six).

You can retrigger the feature.

The Verdict

What to say? It’s all good from our point of view. We like games with an atmosphere and sophistication to them, and Pulse 8 have really hit the jackpot in that respect here.

Is there anything to criticise? Of course, there always is, and this is quite a complex game in an era when players seem to value simplicity. It’s also true that high volatility games put some players off – though we don’t think they should (just make sure you play carefully, are patient, and keep your staking safe and low).

The bonuses here are the real winner though. If you know Microgaming you’ll find the rolling reels a welcome and familiar sight. The new turn-wild symbol is a lovely addition, and hitting that on its own or with the rolling reels is going to be a very rewarding experience. A great free spins round is another great bonus, and they’ve added an extra dimension there too.

We look at a lot of games, and Relic Seekers slot isn’t just one of the best we’ve seen in its genre (the ever-popular treasure hunt style), but one of the best games we’ve seen this year.