Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure Slot – Review & Free Play Demo

The place in the mythology of thieves and villains is an interesting one. We live in something called a society, and most of them rely to some degree on property rights, re-enforced with something called the rule of law.

And almost all popular heroes ride a coach and horses, or in this case a three-masted galleon through these principles and live a life of freedom by freeing themselves from the shackles of work and the phoney laws that only protect the rights of the rich and powerful.

Perhaps there’s hope for us as a species yet!

Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure slot is another celebration of these “villains” of the sea from Red Tiger that includes all the classic imagery of the style. The game is set underground and the headline feature is a special sixth reel that can be unlocked for bigger wins.

But should you run away to the sea and sign up with this terrible crew of bloodthirsty murderers (that’s a side of this we don’t support!) ready to throw it all away for a bag of gold?

Let’s have a look in this review of Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure slot!

The Developers of Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure Slot

Red Tiger are big, and they just got bigger when they were bought by NetEnt for more than £200million!

That’s a big purchase for a company that has around 100 games in the market and it’s an illuminating insight into the slots industry. There is a lot of consolidation in the slots market. That basically means big companies taking over smaller ones. There’s also a lot of what you might describe as false competition. Casino sites are often badged with brands or names that aren’t the name of their actual final owner. Loads of sites look the same and have the same games despite apparently being independent. When you look more closely, you’ll find that companies are in fact the same!

Don’t get too caught up in this. Games developers still want to produce high-quality games because that’s how they’ll win new fans. The game has to stand on its own merits whoever owns the company, but it is a reminder to sometimes scroll down beyond the games that the site wants you to play!

That out of the way, Red Tiger are UK based so they’re in one of the best-regulated markets in the world. Their more than 100 games cover all the bases and include some really big hits. The Pirates Plenty series is their standout series so far and has a number of titles, including current hit The Sunken Treasure.

The Facts and Figures about Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure Slot

This is a slightly atypical game. There are 5 reels expanding to 6 in some parts of the game.

The theoretical return to player is 96.12%. This is very much in line with the industry standard. The volatility is high. That is not usual. It means that the game is more likely to pay out fewer prizes, but the prizes that it pays out are likely to be bigger. Please don’t get carried away with these ratings when you choose a game. Most fall within a fairly narrow range of performance stats, and all of these measures are taken over the long term and will not always be reflected in your individual experience.

The maximum prize here is 5,000-times stake, and stakes run from 0.2 to 40 currency units. This should be 20p to £40, but make sure you check betting levels, currency and amounts as you play the game.

With three rows there are generally 15 symbols in play, with a very standard 20 pay-lines running across them.

The Game

Playing the Pirates Plenty slot game is very simple. You’ll basically be presented with just a floating spin button and the turbo option, with the staking at the bottom right of the screen.

Look for the game frame for controls to regulate your game experience, including sound and settings.

The set-up is simple to use and, what’s more, looks fantastic.

Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure Slot – How to Win

The usual card symbols are presented as coins with the suits on. Clubs pay the least and spades the most, and the largest pay-outs are for six symbols.

Above the card symbols are: a bottle of rum, a pair of pistols, a cannon, a pirate flag, and a skull and crossbones.

The symbols are beautifully designed.

Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure Slot Bonuses

The extra reel is the obvious bonus to look at, and we’ll come to that after cruising around the rest of the game.

In the base game, wilds come in the form of monkeys that sub in for all other symbols and also trigger a respin feature. A double winner. Tall Ship wilds come with a multiplier and expand to fill reels.

Ocean spins are the free spins round, triggered by the symbol of the same name. Sunken treasure chests with big wins are chucked onto the reels.

The Treasure Reel is an extra reel throwing in extra symbols for even bigger wins.

The Verdict

The fact that this game has spawned a fleet of followers and imitators shows that it got something right the first time around. There aren’t many games that look better than this sea-going beauty, which is super-smooth with wonderful stylized graphics.

The gameplay is as deep as the Marianas Trench and just as involving, offering a choice of wilds, a Free Spins round, and that famous sixth reel.

The figures are pretty good, but the high volatility means you might wait a while for the big prizes to come sailing into view.

When they do though it should be more than worth your while.

If you like a game with depth and style then Pirates Plenty The Sunken Treasure slot is certainly one to take a look at. It’s not one for classic slots players perhaps and you should be aware of the long waits for wins.

Red Tiger have a winner here, and if you enjoy this version of the game you could find yourself on a rewarding cruise through the whole series.