Break Da Bank Slot Machine – Review & Free Play Casino Demo

How do you feel about the classics? No, not Ancient Greek literature, or 1960s rock records, but the classic set-up of a slot machine, because Break Da Bank slot machine from Microgaming is very classic indeed.

This screen set-up wouldn’t be out of place in a 1980s British pub. If you like 1980s British pubs then that’s great news, but does simplicity have the strength to survive in an online video slots scene of increasing sophistication.

A classic yet simple slot game

Like all the great classics, you will know where you are with this classic Microgaming release –  Break Da Bank slot game. The screen is a three-by-three grid of reels, with quite a lot of digital real-estate given over to actual on-screen pay tables that you don’t have to click a button to see.

That seems like a good idea. But if you do search for the extra information you’ll find yourself getting to grips with a game that doesn’t have much depth, with no extras beyond a wild that adds a multiplier to wins, and no bonus games at all.

The graphics and the sound stick to this pattern, with super-simple looks that at least won’t take up much of your computer’s juice to run. Betting is from 5 to 125 coins, with a 95.75% theoretical return to player, and a top single-spin jackpot of 160 coins stake and a jackpot of 2,400 coins with extras cashing in.

Bank robbery!

Breaking the bank is what every gambler dreams of, but in truth, this game is unlikely to deliver really life-changing wins. Thought the Break Da Bank slot machine is rated as high volatility, which means it is likely to pay the bigger prizes less often, rather than delivering the smaller prizes on a more regular basis.

The reels are filled with the traditional signs from the fruit machine age past. There are bars, double-bars and treble bars – paying out in the way you’d imagine – and dollar signs. The wild is a game logo.

The sound is plinky and, to be honest, quite annoying unless you really have a thing for aged computer sounds (and you may well do, it takes all sorts!).

The rest of the graphics amount to an attempt to recreate the look of a long-gone real-world slot machine.

Withdrawal time

The most interesting part of the gameplay in the Break Da Bank slot machine is the wild. It substitutes for every symbol in order to produce wins and also acts as a multiplier on prizes. If you see one wild you’ve doubled your prize and if you see two you’ll quadruple your wins. Pay-outs are different depending on which line matches are made – the bottom line (a pun!) pays the most.

Break Da Bank slot game is very simple. Simple to look at and simple to play. Even the games screen is small, and three-by-three set-ups are very rare these days. So it has a bit of novelty on its side. Only five pay lines are also unusual these days, where some machines offer thousands of ways of winning.

But, Break Da Bank slot is a Microgaming machine and they know what they’re doing, right? Stats that we’ve seen suggest this game is popular and is staying popular after release, so perhaps players are winning big, or they do actually just love a simple, no-frills game that delivers a simple experience. Your best way to find out is to stake up and give it a spin.