Thunderkick Casinos

There is something pretty captivating in the confidence a company has in choosing a name like “Thunderkick”. A title which would perhaps be more appropriate inside a pro wrestling ring than among casino software developers, you would perhaps be fooled by the experience and technically nous that Thunderkick has under its belt. Comprised of a number of tech industry experts with years of experience, this is no regular startup.

The daring efforts and big goals have not gone unnoticed in the industry. While Thunderkick is not going to usurp industry heavyweights like NetEnt, Microgaming and the other big boys overnight, they have ambitions of challenging the best of the best. In order to do so, they will need to fire on every cylinder and throw together everything they can muster.

“We are Thunderkick, and we make games,” is the company’s tagline. While this level of no-nonsense, modern-day tongue in cheek attitude is admirable, a developer looking to take a spot on the podium will need more than just games. So what’s the story with Thunderkick, and how did they find themselves here?

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Thunderkick History

Thunderkick was founded in 2012 in the capital city of Stockholm, Sweden. While they do not have years of experience and deep-roots of the bigger players in the online casino industry, they have the ambition to join them one day. With less than a decade of operational history behind them, they are one of the new kids on the casino software block. In comparison to a company like Microgaming – who have been around for almost a quarter of a century – they have some catching up to do.

The staff at Thunderkick have been around the block and will know what is expected of them, however. With decades of combined experience in developing slot games, Thunderkick can draw on this expertise in the future. They are known for their modern attitude to innovative, unique designs and slot themes. The company is first and foremost a producer of slots, so this is without a doubt their bread and butter.

What is appealing about Thunderkick’s ethos as a company is that they like to stay small. This is a conscious choice designed to retain as much creative control and freedom as possible. Don’t be fooled that they are not well-regarded though, as the company has teamed up with a number of casinos over the years, forging exclusive relationships in order to push their innovative designs to the forefront of players’ consciousness.

The company cites its expert team and grasp on its creative control as the chief factors in its success to date. From 2012 to today, it seems that Thunderkick’s approach has worked excellently well, and there is absolutely no reason to suggest that it will fail them now.

Thunderkick Games & Slots

Thunderkick has amassed a number of admirers of their excellent slots, so we will take a look at a few of their most popular.  The company tends to have a very tangible hallmark on their slots, which includes sweet design, bright colours, and engaging gameplay.


Spectra is essentially a modern take on an old-school concept. While many slots use card symbols and numbers, Spectra has reels of neon shapes with a few classic symbols thrown in to boot. The neon colour scheme compliments the retro, 80s style music, and the changing graphics and colours are just awesome to look at.

The game is a 5-reel, 4 rows, 30 pay line video slot with excellent ‘Wild nudges’ and ‘Wild respins’ features. This slot is an excellent indication of how a forward-thinking company can take any concept and make it sweet.

Well of Wonders

Players have really taken to Well of Wonders, which is one of Thunderkick’s recent offerings. It is certainly one which catches the attention, due to a magical and engaging theme. The slot is set in the middle of a forest, with a wishing ready to spit out all kinds of magical symbols which could lead to a series of impressive wins for the luckier players among us.

Much like one of NetEnt’s popular magical titles which switched up the format of how we play slots, this game follows a similar path but is by no means a cheap rip off. Well of Wonders brings the innovation of the studio’s most creative minds to the fore, flouting their excellence in style.

Esqueleto Explosivo

And who can forget Esqueleto Explosivo, which takes the sharpest of Mexican cultural ideas, creating a slot which is quite literally explosive. Think mariachis, skeletons, and bombs all fired up over a 17-individual reel video slot, where everything blows up in order to get you the wins you need. A hilarious part of this slot is when the singing heads start belting out in unison, so watch out for that!

This slot is definitely among the most popular of its style, and one which many fans of Thunderkick will reference frequently. Visually, it is stunning and the theme is captivating and, above all, fun.


Thunderkick may not be among the more established software developers online today, but it is certainly a boutique designer which has the potential to go places. The Swedish outfit keeps things tight in the studio, but make no mistake, their ability to create free-flowing and eye-catching games is among the best in the business.

It is this freedom which can inspire the original thoughts and ideas that eventually become the slots which we grow to love with time. A developer with these skills can grow to challenge the top dogs in the game., no doubt.

Speaking of growth…

With time, Thunderkick will grow but it is up to the company just how far they can take their product and how many players they can convince on the way. From the slots and software they have produced to date, it is clear that they have a lot to offer in the industry. As their experience and resources grow, we can expect to see a lot more of Thunderkick.