SkillOnNet Casinos

While we all tend to have expectations over what a software developer should offer casinos and players, sometimes we tend to overlook the advantage in terms of the resources which some of the larger companies have over their smaller counterparts. SkillOnNet is not what we would regard as one of the biggest software developers out there, but are still pretty well known, regardless.

The company has made a name for itself over the years for their daring efforts. What they lack in resources or numbers, they certainly make up for with effort. Don’t let their relatively small stature as a software provider fool you though: the company has been around for a long time and have designs on pushing their way into the top bracket among the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and the other big boys.

If SkillOnNet can do this, however, will remain to be seen. They have existing partnerships and collaborations with those considered to be the leading software companies out there, so anything is possible. One pioneering or forward-thinking idea is enough to turn even a run-of-the-mill company into one which stands on the podium of the top companies out there.

SkillOnNet Slots

SkillOnNet Casino Software History

SkillOnNet was founded in 2005, which means that they are among the elder statesmen of online casino software developers. The company has forged somewhat of a reputation for its specialisms in table games, with some of the more obscure games being of interest. SkillOnNet, as mentioned above, has teamed up with companies like Playtech to provide games.

SkillOnNet has earned a lot of attention for its approach to producing leading  Backgammon games, as their name suggests, they tend to focus on titles where skill is required. This gives them a pretty cool advantage over competitors who don’t tend to develop any games where there is an element of input other than pushing a button. The company clearly has fans when it comes to their online video slots, with many favourable reviews found online.

The Games

SkillOnNet provides a number of established online casinos with their aforementioned backgammon games. Backgammon is not a game which everyone will play even once in their lives, so we can only surmise that the company wants to be known for their speciality and targeting of a niche product.

This will also endear players to a company. Stepping outside of the herd and going their own way means that SkillOnNet can use this advantage in their favour going forward. The company can also be excused from the category of developers which blindly follow the big boys and aim to imitate everything that they do.

On account of their numerous partnerships with other casino software providers, SkillOnNet provides over 200 games which mostly consist of online slots. SkillOnNet focuses heavily on their exceptional backgammon games and (with partnerships pertaining to Playtech, GVG and Amaya) they get their product out there in pretty convincing fashion.

SkillOnNet Slots

Slotswise, their most renowned titles are ones which you have probably come across in a wide number of online casinos. King Kong, Judge Dredd, Superman: The Last Son of Krypton,  Medusa, Batman, Andre the Giant are representations of the quality which this intriguing software provider manages to uphold on a frequent basis. Amaya Gaming is one of the companies which helps make it all happen for SkillOnNet, as it also makes games but maintains relationships with the developers who crafted them.

When we look at companies like NextGen Gaming – which made Medusa and Judge Dredd – their relationship goes as far as providing an umbrella network where games can be shared and acquired. was recently acquired by Amaya, as was Cryptologic, which is why SkillOnNet can offer games like Batman and The Last Son of Krypton. As variety is the spice of life, this can only be a good thing for players.


SkillOnNet provides their games to casinos as downloadable and instant play. Providing over 12 of the most notable casinos online means that their presence is widely felt around the world. Their range in terms of online casino games makes SkillOnNet a decent company, especially given their limited budget and resources compared to a larger outfit such as Microgaming or Betsoft.

It is the originality and which makes this provider stand out from its main competition and the diversity of their overall product. Far too often, software developers “borrow” ideas from one another, which can often bring a horribly homogenised feel to many of the slots and table games covered by casinos. In moving away from this principle somewhat, SkillOnNet is bound to gain more fans.


The company provides a solid return of games, but the best thing about SkillOnNet is their devotion to going their own way. While solid slots and table games are a given for any company wishing to push their way into contention as one to watch, there does need to be a certain element of innovation in order to make the podium. SkillOnNet does indicate that they have the player at heart when it comes to design, and this will always stand out to the trained eye.

As previously mentioned, the company’s pioneering approach when it comes to revolutionising online backgammon games helps to get their name further out there. Given the efforts, it would be very harsh to criticise SkillOnNet for their approach. While this is a good thing, there is always a period of trial and error with anyone who dares to stray outside of the established lines. SkillOnNet has and may continue to encounter teething problems for their propensity to go a little radical from time to time.

The library of games is not as extensive as you would find with the bigger companies out there, but there is certainly enough scope to suggest that SkillOnNet has an excellent return in games. Sometimes there is filler, and some of the titles which a company produces can lack the fizz and vibrancy of others. This is natural, and a by-product of good old capitalism.

All in all, this is a developer which has a lot going for it and can grow even further as the years go on.