IGT Casinos

When players ask about IGT as a software provider, many tend to do so on the basis of being unfamiliar with the company. Or so they think.

While IGT may not be as well regarded or as ubiquitous as some of the larger and more renowned casino software companies, it has been around a surprisingly long time and has as much claim to a legacy as pretty much any other company out there. In fact, the IGT casino software provider has been in the industry longer than most. You may be surprised to learn that the company has roots which go back all the way to the early 1950s.

Of course, there was no internet or online software back then, and things were incredibly different from the landscape we know now in terms of casino gaming. IGT had their hands in something more primitive, prior to 1981, when the company went public which led to the global reach it now enjoys in the world of online casino software and gaming.

Free IGT Slots

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IGT in Brief

IGT is an international company which is a lot larger and more successful than many people would probably believe. It looks as though the company will continue to follow an upward trajectory for a long time, given the fact that it keeps expanding. At the turn of the century, IGT made it to the Fortune’s “100 Fastest-Growing Companies“ list and everything pretty much explode for the innovative software provider.

IGT is regarded as one of the foremost and creative online software company and has been for quite some time. For example, the company rolled out its initial multi-level progressive MegaJackpots title in 2005 and also introduced the MultiPLAY system. This product allowed players to play particular titles four times (simultaneously) on the same game, which was pretty revolutionary for its time. Fans certainly warmed to the company on the basis of these developments and the games the company produced.

In the UK, some of the top online casinos are all subscribers to IGT’s excellent software. Given the nature of finding their titles in practically every major online casino in the country gives some credit to the notion that this is a company which is taken seriously by the biggest movers and shakers in the online casino sphere. For fans in the know, this represents trust and means that there are plenty who gravitate to the company’s titles where possible.

IGT Games Features

IGT’s games quality is one of the most discernible factors when it comes to picking them out from a line-up. The company puts an amazing effort into producing top-quality titles and the graphics and sound quality of some of their biggest titles were at one point truly ground-breaking.

The company were also pioneers when it came to obtaining franchise licenses and turning them into big-game titles, which is another testament to their success as a company. Games such as Elvis, Monopoly, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and many more have been given the IGT treatment.

There is always an interesting twist with their games, and the level of detail which was put into many is another reason why players have a soft spot in their hearts for IGT. It is not just players who are massive fans of the company: IGT’s longstanding and immaculate reputation in the online casino and gaming industry on account of its high-quality products have long inspired trusts in the brands which use their software.

With a big reputation comes big responsibility, and IGT has always been able to live up to both. The software and game design this impressive company has frequently delivered has been a testament to its game architects and other staff. Recognising that IGT is among the top developers in the world means appreciating the innovation and sweet technique which goes into each one of its games and software products.

Why is IGT Important

IGT has long provided a bespoke service to its clients and some pretty amazing games and titles to players. Given its forward-thinking nature and philosophy to do what no other company is doing, it should come as no surprise to learn that IGT was among the pioneers of software companies which created their own mobile games. This is in the age before the modern smartphone, which predates the best of the iPhones, Samsungs, Tablets and iPads.

The company also has revolutionised a major part of the most respectable poker software on the market and looks set to continue to follow this trend. IGT’s online casino games are among the most popular out there for both online casinos and players.

IGT’s online slots rank among the most famous, beloved and graphically stunning, with many of its larger titles embedded into the minds of slots aficionados and enthusiasts all over the world. Monopoly Plus, Cluedo, MegaJackpots, Siberian Storm, and the legendary Cleopatra were all developed by this grossly underrated software provider. While their glory days in slots may be somewhat behind them, the company does have numerous interests outside of this category of games. As such, many will stand to reason that the larger companies have kept IGT in the shade. While the company does not have the same clout when it comes to slots, it is still a giant nonetheless.

IGT Casino Software in Conclusion

IGT has long been a hallmark of quality and style in a market which is extremely competitive. Long known for its forward-thinking approach to game design, the company is among the most trusted and celebrated in the sphere of online software development.

Numerous casinos and institutions trust them to deliver a good-looking and robust product, and they oblige, time after time. With IGT, there is little the company can do wrong, in many players’ eyes. This is down to the fact that they have so much experience in knowing what is right for the occasion.

Despite not being as prominent as they were at one time when it comes to slots, they have not lost any of the nous which got them where they are today.