Wolf Run Slot Game – Review & Free Play Casino Demo

IGT’s Wolf Run Slot is a game which has been pretty popular among players for some time now. One of the main features of the game is the ‘Stacked Wilds’  which captured the imagination when they first released the slot.

As such, you can expect this feature to be very important to the slot. That is because it is. The Wild Wolf with Moon symbol is stacked and there is a chance you can complete a screen which is full of these symbols. You will be happy to learn that the Wild Wolf symbols pay 1000 credits on each pay line. If you are lucky enough to land a screen full of stacked wilds on this slot, you can get yourself 40,000 credits on a 40 credit bet. Incredible, if it happens!

The drawback is that these Wild symbols aren’t common. You won’t find them in every single spin, but they certainly do show their face every now and again. When playing the game, we did land a few of them.

For this reason, Wolf Run slot is a game which can really pay massively for even a small bet. If the fortune is on your side, you could walk away with full pockets! The low pay on this slot will probably be the best you can hope for. Then again, statistics dictate that sooner or later the Wilds will appear where they should, fall into place and bag you something tasty. When this happens, you will hear the wolf howl. This is when you get yourself a clutch of Wilds which will then display the fireworks display for your big win.

Wolf Run Slot Gameplay

This game, or to be more specifically the wins, are concentrated mostly on the reels. You want the ‘Stacked Wilds’ to roll in. Winning big is hitting on multiple reels at the same time.

The even bigger wins will happen when you can match some of the other picture symbols in with the stacked wilds win. Lower value symbols would not earn you the wins on the bigger side of the spectrum, but those symbols can obviously pay nice enough if they are put in with a nice number of wild symbols stacked.

You should bear in mind that the Wild symbol fills in for all symbols except for the Bonus symbol. This symbol is the one which triggers the free slot spins bonus feature.

Wolf Run Slot Bonus Features

Everyone loves a bonus. In fact, these days, most of the slots designed will be based around the bonus features, leaving many players disregarding the base game and simply waiting for that bonus to roll in. In this game, that is not really the case, given the power of the stacked reels, but there is, nonetheless, a good bonus feature.

In fact, you can get yourself 5 free slot spins when the Bonus symbol appears on Reels 2, 3, and 4. It is pretty standard and doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of other slots and games. Wolf Run’s bonus feature is very simple, so don’t expect any extra wild symbols, win multipliers or anything out of the ordinary whatsoever. The excitement you have when landing the bonus could quickly turn to meh if you don’t win much in the slot’s bonus feature.

The bonus game is perhaps the most disappointing part of the game. As such, the old style of spinning just to land the bonus may not be suited to this particular title. You can get your hands on 5 free basic spins of the slot machine’s reels, which is always an advantage because they are free, but don’t expect anything special.


There is no doubt that the stacked wilds are the most impressive part of this game. As such, they are essentially the one area of the Wolf Run slot that IGT will have got the best feedback from when they first released the game. When it comes to the symbol frequency of the wilds, they are not exactly always regular, but when they do come in, they are potentially lucrative. There are definitely some big wins here though.

Wolf Run slot is pretty well designed, but nothing which is likely to win over the hearts and minds of players who expect the biggest and the best of games. It is relatively simple, so it will appeal to those who prefer the old days of simple slots. It is a fun game which does not ask much of players, in terms of attention and skill.

You might have played this game on an online casino and noticed that there are some differences to another game of the same title. That is because the game has a few different versions. For examples, Australian casinos and clubs boast a slightly different version of the Wolf Run slot machine. This one is available in a 40 or 50 line format and the slot reel layouts are a bit different.