Wish Upon A Jackpot Slot – Review, Free Spins & Free Play Demo

Blueprint Gaming is behind this all-singing/all-dancing beauty that’s a big hit. This is no simple click and spin game, and blossoms into a whole bouquet of extras, bonuses and graphical tricks. There’s a lot going on, so gamers need to know what they’re doing. That’s not to say Wish Upon A Jackpot slot, with its Shrek-like look, is difficult to get stuck into – if you can play any slots you can play this one. But should you join the fairy godmother on this trip to a magical kingdom?

Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot Looks Good

There can’t be many games that look or sound much better than Wish Upon A Jackpot. Taking the fairy-tale theme of the Shrek movies and running and running with it, the animations, design, and drawing are all straight out of the top draw. The music is great too, with an amusing main theme, and some nice sound effects that bring to life a swampy/woodland environment that’s perfect for the theme.

Big reels sit against a backdrop of a magical pond – all beautifully drawn – and the controls float to the left and right of the screen in the simple, graphical style that’s very popular with mobile players.

The Developers of Wish Upon A Jackpot Slot

Blueprint Gaming is based in the UK but is part of the larger German company, the Gauselmann Group. They make games for both the real-life market and at loads of online casinos. They often partner with smaller design studios, and they have a great reputation for delivering quality titles with sophisticated gameplay and great looks.

The Basics

The Wish Upon A Jackpot slot is a five-reel machine with three rows of symbols giving 15 symbols on the screen. There’s a modern animation/cartoon theme to the whole machine, which has 20 pay lines and betting – one the game we used – of up to 500 coins in total, but make sure you check the details at the site where you’re playing the game.

The symbols come from fairy tales, and the paytable reads like this for a line bet of 1 coin:

Tens, jacks and queens all pay 4 for a trio, 10 for a quad, and 100 for a full house. Kings and aces pay 10, 40, and 200.

Then we’re into the high paying symbols: haps and magic slippers both pay 20 for three, 100 for four and 250 for five. Fairytale castles pay 40, 140, and 300. The Wish Upon a Jackpot, which appears as a stack on all reels, scores 2 for a pair, 50 for three, 200 for four, and 400 for five.

The wild is a frog in a crown – a prince in waiting just waiting to be kissed – pays 2 for two, 100 for three, 400 for four, and 500 for five.

The maximum win is 5,000,000 coins and the reported RTP is from 92.46% to 95.26%. That’s at the lower end of the current market trend.

There are a lot of bonuses in this Wish Upon a Jackpot slot game!

The first set is awarded by three of the fairy tale book, which offers a choice of games with lots of added extras thrown in:

  • Three Little Pigs Free Spins adds extra random wilds after each spin which stay in place while a Big Bad Wolf walks across the reels blowing them away.
  • Rapunzel Free Spins features a ladder climb with a prince going up a multiplier ladder each time he appears on the reels up to a maximum multiplier of 5x.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk is a prize ladder guessing game that could rise to a top bonus of 1,000x total bet.
  • The Rumpelstiltskin’s Deal Maker Bonus is a take-it-or-leave-it offer with the sneaky little fairy tale fellow.
  • The Fairy Godmother – a rather plump, bespectacled fairy – can appear at any time to trigger a set of base-game bonuses.
  • Pinocchio Wilds turns a random reel position wild. The Ginger Bread Man turns whole reels wild. Puss in Wilds turns a section of the reels wild. The appearance of the fairy tale book guarantees the triggering of one of the main bonus features. The Fairy Win Spin Feature means you will see a big win.

How to Play Wish Upon A Jackpot Slot

While the game is quite complex, it’s just as easy to play like any other slot, and seasoned players will have no trouble getting their heads around it.

The bet controls to the left of the reel have an up and down arrow that cycles through the bets available. This is a simple total rather than an amount-per-line that you have to work out yourself. By clicking or tapping on the central circle of the control you can pick from a table of totals.

To the right is the green spin button. Under that is an auto-play button that has a sophisticated set of options that allows you to set the total number of spins, a total loss limit for the feature, and a win limit too. You can also set the feature to stop on any jackpot.

So despite hugely sophisticated gameplay, actually playing the game is very simple. Most things trigger automatically or require just a simple click or tap to make a decision.

The Verdict

Wow, what a great game! If you like your games with lots of interesting graphics, effects, animations, sound effects and music then this game is virtually a movie in terms of the depth of experience it offers to players.

The bonus games are hugely variable and very entertaining and varied in their own right.

The only problems we can see with this game are: there could be too much going on! Yes, this is quite a complicated game. If you just want to turn up, click and play, you won’t have any problems operating the software, but you might be scratching your head as things trigger time after time. There’s also a danger that you’ll struggle to get your head around what’s going on on smaller screens, but we trust Blueprint gaming to have that covered. The other issue is the very low RTP, which is from just 92.46%, which is pretty poor by today’s standards.

Is it worth it? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself by playing Wish Upon a Jackpot slot machine at your favourite casino site now.