Titanic Slot Machine – Review & Free Play Casino Demo Online

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I spin you…

The Titanic slot is a machine which comes from the collective minds of American developer Bally, based on the 1997 super-epic movie about a super-epic boat that unfortunately became one of the biggest tragedies of the 20th Century. This Titanic slot game is simply saturated with features, which will be the main focus of this review.

Players can choose between 3 different classes to play during the game. The higher the class, the higher the number of features you can expect. There are multiple wild features, “jackpot” features, pick bonuses, free spin features, a wheel to spin, and many others which can take you up to the max win of 357x your stake.


Titanic slot has stacked wild symbols on all the 5 reels, which means that you can pretty much fill the screen up with wilds. This will pay 357x the stake if you play in the 3rd Class, or 312x for 2nd and 1st Class. The wild symbols substitute for all other symbols aside from the bonus triggering Titanic symbol and the Jack/Rose icons.

The game is pretty basic from a design point of view, but everything does click pretty quickly. It is a simple enough format, which is not exactly the worst thing in the world for players just looking to have a few spins in a piece without dragging out the algebra books.

The game is obviously renowned among the players for the ridiculous (in a good way) amount of bonuses and features which are available. There are so many that it is hard to really emphasise each one and its benefits in great detail, but we will do our best, below.

Bonuses and Features in Titanic Slot

JackRose Jackpot

This is only available to 1st and 2nd Class players, as according to the game choice you go for at the start of the game. All 5 reels have JackRose symbol, and with a combo of two or more anywhere on the reels, you will get the in-game “jackpot prize”.

Mystery Double Wilds

The Mystery Double Wilds feature can be triggered at the start of a game, should you be lucky enough to trigger between 2 and 5 wilds with an x2 multiplier, which will then be locked on positions on all other reels. These symbols carry an x2 multiplier.

Mystery Wild Reels

Much the same as the Mystery Double Wilds, but, not doubled… obviously.

Jack’s Drawing Mystery

“Paint me like one of your French girls…”

This is a random mystery prize which can trigger in any spin during the game. It’s essentially a Pick bonus, and you will have 10 different choices. There are 3 different drawings and 1 wild symbol hidden. The three symbols have unique values ranging from 150 to 250, 400 to 700 and 1000 to 2000x your stake per line.

The pick bonus ends when you have found 3 of a kind of one or more of the symbols. You can win up to 2950x the stake per line if all symbols are landed at the maximal value.

Mystery Jackpots

This feature is only available for the 1st and 2nd Class players, like the JackRose prize. To get this, you will require 3 different Rose symbols to randomly pop up where you will then get a chance to pick one. All prizes range from 50x to 400x your stake per line.

Wheel bonus

The big one. The Wheel bonus is the titanic feature on the Titanic slot which takes its titanic name from the Titanic boat named the Titanic which…

You get the picture. You can trigger this feature by landing the Titanic ship on reels 1, 3 and 5. A big bonus wheel then appears, which offers you the chance to bag  7 cash prizes from 60x to 200x your line bet and 4 other bonuses placed on it. You get to spin the wheel up to 9 spins, for each time you hit a cash prize, another spin is awarded up to a total of 9.

Should you land on the Pick-Up, The Safe, Heart of the Ocean or Make it Count, that bonus will play out and the wheel bonus ends. The bonus will also end if 9 cash prizes are awarded.

Pick Up bonus

In this bonus, you have the chance to pick one T from each row, where each T contains a credit prize or a win multiplier. Credits will add up until you hit a win multiplier. The multiplier then increases your credits by this amount.

The Safe bonus

This is essentially a pick-em, where you can choose from a number of different symbols in order to win a big prize. Not the most imaginative of bonuses, but you wouldn’t hear us complaining.

Heart of the Ocean free spins

This free spin feature is really interesting in the way that it has factored in a number of different symbols which can add up to big wins.

Make it Count free spins

In this bonus, a special symbol is shown over each of the 5 reels which can award wild symbols or +1 free game symbols that will throw in an extra spin each time. There are special reels, too, which add to the excitement.

Titanic Slot Conclusion

Phew, so many bonuses. Titanic slot machine is certainly a generous slot in terms of the prizes you can potentially win, if it wants to play, that is.

This slot is well worth a pop, especially for bonus hunters.