King Kong Cash Slot – Review, Free Play & Free Spins Bonus

King Kong has made the transition from the silver screen to the world of online slots with ease. When you think about it, the giant gorilla has a presence but is also as strong as they come. He is someone you want on your side: good with the ladies, a no-nonsense approach, and the ability to beat the blocks of reels, revealing wilds and wins and sizeable as he is.

King Kong Cash slot, therefore, is a game which fans of the legendary ape should enjoy. This is a Blueprint Gaming developed video slot, which adds a little street cred. It is a popular game with fans, despite there being a slew of slots where ‘Kong features. It is a popular theme to have King Kong built around, with many software developers expanding on the success of one of the first anti-heroes of the big screen.

This game is unique to the other King Kong-themed games out there, in the sense that it is doing its own thing in a different direction. There are pretty approachable crocodiles, tigers, birds, and even an intimidating rhino ready to encounter on the reels. King Kong is the main man here, make no mistake, and he guards the payouts with all the strength he can muster up.


In what is pretty typical for Blueprint games, there is no obvious wagering menu on the screen. Therefore, players need to hit the bet button which is located to the left of the reels to amend their stake. The good thing about this game is that players of all bankrolls can get involved. Stakes range from 20p per spin, up to a considerable £200 per spin which is played over 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Paylines are fixed, so there are only ever 20 of them at any given time on this game.

The design is pretty cool, and the presence of a number of different animals makes it a colourful and eye-catching effort. The gameplay itself is simple enough, meaning that there is little chance of you being confused or at a loss for how to play the game. The sounds and smoothness of the game are both nice, which makes for a laid-back and enjoyable session at all times.

Bonuses and Features in King King Cash Slot

Wild symbols: The wild symbols on this slot aren’t amazing by any sense, and don’t really come to prominence until you hit the bonus rounds. The barrel symbol is the wild symbol in this game, so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

King Kong Cash symbol: This is the game’s logo, an nd one which can really make for a sizeable win if just two or more of it appear on the reels. It’s not special by any means, but two of them can certainly lead to nice wins.

Bonus symbols: Bonus symbols can earn you a feature when 3 or more appear on the reels. There are a total of five potential bonus features, all with their own unique charms and benefits.

Bonus Rounds

Barrel Blast, King Kong Trail, and Big Money Bonus are essentially instant win cash games, with the remaining two akin to free spin features (which can also be triggered in the bonus round). Empire Free Spins and Golden Kong Free Spins bonuses are both cool to play through but are pretty similar in how they work and what you can potentially win.

Monkey Modifiers: These are 5 randomly triggered “Monkey Modifiers” which can be landed at any point in the game. How they work is that Kong wakes from a nap to award you either the Banana Cannon Wilds, Golden Barrel Super Spin, Bonus Boost, Kong Re-Spin, or King Kong Streak bonus. These affect the next spin you get which can lead to wilds, cash prizes, multipliers and more.

Maximum payouts: The maximum prize you can aim for in this game is 1,000 coins, which is very typical for any Blueprint Gaming slot. You can get some decent wins, even if you are playing with a low stake.


Even if you are not the biggest fan of King Kong, the King King Cash slot is a game which may grip you. There can be little complaints on the part of bonus hunters, given that there are a total of 10 bonus features (5 in-game bonuses, and 5 features). There are also healthy offerings of wilds and scatters, to keep you entertained. Payouts aren’t massive with reference to jackpots, but the game itself is decent.

The design is sweet enough and boasts enough colour and slick design to warrant praise. King Kong Cash slot is not the greatest slot we’ve ever seen, but it is nice to play. If you land a nice, sweet win from the outset then the chances are you will have a strong opinion of this game from the outset.

As with (almost) anything else in life, don’t knock it until you try it.