What makes PayPal one of the best UK payment methods to play online slots
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What makes PayPal one of the best UK payment methods to play online slots

We talk a lot about free play, free cash, and free games on this site. But for most players the reason why they are gambling isn’t just to enjoy free games; it’s to win money!

And – business being business – to win money you’ll need to risk some money. And to do that you need a way to transfer money in order to play online slots, or casino games, or even live casino games.

This area of the online gaming industry has been revolutionised in recent years. The internet is a story of endless and ever-increasing innovation. Gambling games came before the ability to pay money in and out of an account.

Sadly, not long after humankind invented the internet. Humankind was using the internet. And that meant that some of the humankind was trying to rip-off some of the other members of their species.

Hopefully, you’re fully up to date on internet security and how to bank safely online.

Whatever you do in your online gambling life, you must not compromise on safety and security.

Choices in the Best UK Payment Methods For Online Slots

With no way of transferring money, there really wasn’t a way to play gambling games online.

The first way to get money into accounts was with a debit or credit card or a money transfer.

All of these methods are still available today.

Debit and credit cards are an accepted part of online life. To have one you need a bank account, and this is an issue for some people.

Debit cards and credit cards are slightly different. Debit cards are always linked to a bank account and take cash out of your account when you put the details into a website. Credit cards can be linked to a bank account, but aren’t always. Money spent with a credit card is NOT YOUR MONEY. It is money that you are being leant – in a very speedy, short-term, easy way. This should give you some cause for concern. Losing the money you don’t yet have is a great way to end up in financial trouble. It’s also an issue for casino sites, and the range of credit cards accepted is usually very small.

Bank transfers are usually fairly instantaneous these days. Certainly, they are when you’re sending money to a gambling site (they’re not always so fast in the other direction). They require you to input your UK bank account details, and your bank will wire the money to the casino.

A PipeLine to Your Bank Account

As knowledge of online fraud spread people started to get concerned about exposing the details of their bank account online. A few high-profile cases of sites being hacked and losing bank account details helped spread that concern.

And this is one of the reasons that e-wallets were invented.

In order to get money from your bank account to a website, whether that website is selling lottery tickets, salads, or slots, you need to hand over your bank account details.

And that could be dangerous.

So e-wallets are a way of “carrying” money online that doesn’t require you to also open up your entire finances to the internet.

They’re a buffer. Most e-wallets work by accepting money – possibly from your bank account, sometimes in the form of physical cash handed over for a voucher, the details of which you can use online.

This gives you a means of transacting business online at one step removed.

Why PayPal is the Best UK Payment Method

PayPal are the biggest and most famous e-wallet company in the world. And today, we have a host number of PayPal online casinos, thankfully!

They were founded in 1998 and have involved some of the biggest (and creepiest) names in Silicon Valley along the way.

They’re now by far and away the biggest online payment processor, processing from 277 million active accounts. It is – to all intents and purposes – the internet’s bank, and is starting to expand into many banking services.

PayPal is a Trusted UK Payment Method to Play Online Slots

All those accounts and all that money mean that PayPal has a lot of clouts. It can back its customers in complaints and has the muscle to fight for them.

There’s also a quirk in PayPal’s history that makes it even better for UK online slots players.

PayPal grew very quickly, but it’s always been quite cautious. And in order to stay on the right side of American law, it stepped away from the gambling market.

From 2003 to 2010 PayPal would not accept any payments or business from gambling websites.

This might sound like bad news. In fact, it came at a time when online gambling was really booming. It was also a market that was completely dependent on online payment processing. There’s not really a good way around it.

Into the market came a load of other e-wallets, including some that have become associated with gambling as a speciality. The likes of Skrill and Neteller came into the breach, and provide an excellent service.

So PayPal came back into a market in a very healthy state. It’s also one that is more and more opening up in America, and is likely – in time – to include full-on legal gambling across the web all over the United States.

This allowed PayPal to cherry-pick. So, if you see PayPal on a gambling site it means that a real decision has been made. PayPal have a massive name, they’re not going to risk it by teaming up with some dodgy outfit.

So PayPal is a mark of quality.

PayPal is Quality

And, we’ve barely touched on the quality and speed of PayPal’s service.

It has grown to become the biggest in the market because it works. PayPal sends money instantly online. It has great security. It is always accepted by the receiver. PayPal protects its customers well.

These are all massive plusses in an online market. Players wanted to use PayPal at UK online slot sites because it was the best quality payment processor on the market. Now you can, it’d be foolish not to celebrate the best UK payment method to play online slots.

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