Playing Online Bingo with a No Deposit Bonus
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Playing Online Bingo with a No Deposit Bonus

All online bingo players love a no deposit bonus! But they should all know that they aren’t completely uncomplicated things. There are pluses and minuses to no deposit bonuses at bingo sites and a wise player will read all the small print before they cash one in.

Online Bingo – A Lot of Choices

There are now hundreds of online bingo sites. And they’re all desperate for your custom. The biggest carrot these sites – in common with almost all online gambling sites – dangle in front of players is a welcome bonus.

Typically, a welcome bonus will offer to match the money that player deposits in their account and give them a load of free cash with which to play.

You, being a student of business practices, will know that this “free cash” will have some catches to it: ie, it won’t really be free.

In most cases, the main restriction on bonus cash will be a “wagering requirement” or “play-through requirement”.

These rules are standard issue in online gambling. They are also completely shocking to newcomers to the scene – who soon learn they have to get used to them.

A wagering requirement will set a figure that you have to deposit in your account and play with before you can start to withdraw money that you have won by wagering with your bonus funds.

For example, a wagering requirement of 20-times on a bonus of 100% with a £10 deposit, means that you will have to play £200-worth of bingo with your own money before you can touch a penny of the money you win with your bonus.

That’s if the figure excludes the money that you deposit, and some bonus wagering requirements don’t do that. It’s also possible that you will never be able to withdraw the bonus money itself.

As we say, this is shocking to newcomers, but it is standard practice in the industry and it’s something you learn to live with and rub along with.

In the bingo world, it is not uncommon to see bonuses on deposits of 100% and even 200%. More than that is unusual, but that’s not impossible either.

Online Bingo No Deposit Bonuses

All of these bonuses require you to put your own money into an account to earn a bonus. A bingo no deposit bonus is even more appealing to online bingo players because that requirement is not there.

Again, we’ll refer you to your own elementary understanding of the business practice.

What business do you know that will hand you money to spend in their store as you arrive and then leave with whatever you buy with that money?

You can’t think of one, can you?

We doubt that any business operating in that manner will last long.

So, you should expect even stricter restrictions to be applied to a no deposit bonus. The wagering requirement could be even higher. There are also likely to be restrictions on what games you can play with your bonus money. There can be limits on the amount of money you can win with your bonus funds. There may a total cap on the amount of money that you can withdraw from your bonus fund winnings.

What does an Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus Mean to Players?

What does all this mean for you?

It should simply mean that you take a little time to have a realistic idea of what a bonus means in online bingo, and particularly what an online bingo no deposit bonus means.

It doesn’t really mean FREE MONEY!

However, it does mean that you can take a look around a site and check out their games without risking your own money. That’s a good offer, and it’s not one you should turn your nose up at.

What does an Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus Mean to a Bingo Site?

“Who benefits?” is always a good question to ask when you see something you think is a little out of the ordinary.

If you try to keep in mind what a no deposit online bingo bonus means to the site then you will have a better idea of how to use one carefully.

Above all, a no deposit bonus is there to sign you up to a site. You shouldn’t be allowed to play gambling games for money without proving your age, but there are all sorts of ways that a site could legally demonstrate its offer without demanding an account from you.

You’ll also find that a lot of no-deposit bonus offers come with a demand for your credit card details or the details of your online wallet.

That’s because the hope is that getting you to sign up for a site will mean more than you playing a quick couple of games and popping off again. That’s why – even when they say you don’t need to spend any money – they want to get their hands on your credit card details.

They are confident that you will stay around and start to spend money.

Playing Online Bingo No Deposit Bonuses Successfully

We always try to be honest with our readers, and that’s all we’re doing here. If you want to evaluate no deposit bingo bonuses then you should accept what they are – a tool to tempt you in, hopefully, to stay around.

We don’t like wagering requirements any more than the next online gambler, but there’s not a lot we can do about it, they are how the market works. If you really don’t like them, or like the commitment, they require you to make to a site then you can always decline no deposit offers as you sign up.

If you want to accept the offer then you might consider it in a similar way to a restaurant giving you a free sample of their delicious food – they’re confident that you’ll like it enough to stay around and pay for some more.

As with every online offer, you should be aware of the details and you should be sure you’re playing at a legitimate and licensed site before you accept an offer. Once you’ve satisfied those criteria we think you should enjoy your online bingo with a no deposit bonus.

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