Free Casino Cash in 2020 Best Way to Play Your Chances
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Free Casino Cash in 2020: Best Way to Play Your Chances

Would you like some free casino money?

Now we have your attention.

And that’s the deal with casino bonuses too. They are there to attract your attention and to get you through the door.

Every time we discuss free casino cash we spend more time talking about the small print than we do talking about the headline offer. And that’s because that reflects the reality of these offers.

The headline offer will be all about free cash. And because there are laws on advertising, and regulation within the gambling industry too that free offer will exist in some form. But the best way to play your chances with free casino cash is to understand exactly what the offer actually is.

The first and biggest restriction on your free casino cash will be a wagering requirement. This is a multiple of your deposit or the bonus fund (or possibly your deposit and the bonus combined – check the small print) that you must yourself deposit before you can cash out any winnings you make with your bonus.

Budgeting for Bonuses

That might persuade you to make a smaller initial deposit. While a 100% bonus looks super tempting, the multiplier effect of the wagering requirement means that a bigger deposit means longer spent at the site before you can cash out your winnings.

So a £10 deposit with a 100% bonus and a 20-times wagering requirement means that you need to spend £200 of your own money before you can cash out.

But if you deposit £100 (and the maximum deposits are often quite high) then you would have to spend £2,000 of your own money.

That’s a big commitment, and that’s how the bonus works for the site, by tying you into a long-term relationship. If it’s a great site, then that’s no problem, but if it’s not then you might find yourself just hanging around, essentially wasting time and money, while you earn the right to cash out money that you’ve won. It’s a flaw in human psychology that we won’t let go of things we think we already own! Don’t pay for it with big money at a low-quality casino site!

Free Casino Cash as a Free Tour

A good way to look at free casino cash in 2020 is not as a stake in a game, but as a way to take a look around with no risk.

Put aside the idea of winning big money with your free bonus cash, and instead think of it as a free entrance ticket to take a look at a casino.

A lot of the restrictions on free casino cash make it clear that the site doesn’t want you to win. (You understand this, right?)

You’ll usually see a list of games that you aren’t allowed to play. Also a limit on the amount of cash you gamble on some games that counts towards the wagering requirement.

This can make navigating the site tiresome and complex. So, maybe just forget about it!

The free casino cash is an entry ticket rather than a gambling stake. Simply disregard the gambling aspect of it and use it to take a good look around.

This is very counterintuitive, we know, but it really does reflect the realities of free casino cash.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Most casino players know a fair bit about the sites in the industry. In fact, the way that the industry is structured means that a lot of sites are very similar.

While there appear to be hundreds of sites, with new sites popping up all of the time, the industry is quite consolidated. That means that a few large companies produce the vast majority of the games, and the vast majority of sites run on software produced by these companies.

So, if you like the experience you get from one of these companies – NetEnt, Microgaming and IGT are just three examples – then you should seek out those companies for free casino cash and take those bonuses.

Picking a bonus at a site you already know that you will like takes the risk out of it.

Don’t go wild and sign up at every new site from those providers, as that is likely to give you a confused and confusing online gaming experience, but limit your new sign-ups to sites you’re likely to like and you’ll be much more likely to actually play your chances with a bonus and stay around to collect those sweet, sweet winnings!

One Night Stand or Long-term relationship?

We don’t want to cramp your style of course, and we make no moral judgement on how you play with free casino cash – or conduct your personal life! – but you are much more likely to enjoy a long-term and profitable relationship with a casino site if you look at the quality of the site before you assess any free casino cash.

When you run from site to site, just signing up to get a free casino bonus, and depositing as you go, you’re playing the game on the casino site’s terms.

They want you to stay around for the long term, so make it impossible to do anything financially with your free casino cash unless you do so. Shopping around too much puts you in an endless friend zone of enjoying the free play, while never really consummating your relationship with a site.

Casino sites will reward you if you stick around for the long haul. Look beyond the free casino cash of a welcome bonus and to the broader quality of the site as you make your gambling choices. Use sites like ours, and other review sites that offer honest appraisals of sites, and try to get an understanding of how the business works.

As you check out a site look for an ongoing set of promotions. Welcome bonuses with nothing for regular players show a site that’s front-loading its offer in order to get people through the door without offering them a long-term reason to stay. Free casino cash that keeps on coming, through a well-planned series of promotions for loyal players is far better, far more sustainable, and usually more rewarding for the player.

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