Live casinos

Live Casino Guide: Playing Live Casino Games Online

UK players love a little bit of live casino, don't they? In comparison to messing around in a casino with a few pounds, a live casino gives players a chance to have a little bit of fun while playing games. Live Casino games have real croupiers who instigate this fun, sharing the odd story and adding a little sense of authenticity to proceedings. Fans that know certainly know.

The Live Casino sphere is full of players who have probably been converted from the dark side following a little flash of curiosity. Once they realise that this way of playing offers a whole new experience, they tend to stick around a little while longer. More frequent returns follow before they banish the standard casino software and spend their time betting on real-time action.

Put it this way: you can be captivated by a croupier flipping over those blackjack cards, watch the roulette wheel's glorious spin in real time, or play a multitude of other games in a real casino environment from the comfort of your couch. It almost feels like cheating somehow, doesn't it? It is certainly all above board, so don't worry.

What Makes Live Casinos Appealing?

Everyone knows that players in the UK love casinos. Those same people that enjoy playing casino games also love to have a laugh while they are doing it, as the sociable aspect of games is very important to those on this island. Given the chance to play games in an environment where engagement and fun are on the menu, it seems pretty self-explanatory why live casinos tend to appeal.

That is not to say that they are appealing to everyone, however, as there are a number of players who prefer to play alone. One of the great things for these players is that they get to enjoy the bricks and mortar experience without having to visit an actual casino. The standard software games provide these punters with a chance to play without any distractions. Live casinos, in this case, can be appealing to them, too, as there is no obligation to speak to anyone whatsoever.

The Dealers

The live casino staff at a casino can really make things. For a lot of players, the dealers are pretty much the instigators of conversation and fun, and many do tend to inject some authenticity into the place. They will present themselves as professional and knowledgeable, no doubt. However, some do like to joke around and add some spic when you are playing blackjack, slots, or roulette.

There is an interactive feature with many online casinos, where players are encouraged to write messages and even converse with other players. When it comes to looking over the games, dealers will be the point of contact for any questions and queries relating to the game. This gives players something exclusive to live dealer casino games and something which is pretty much bound to leave a lasting impression.

Always remember that there is a fine line between banter and being a disruption. Never take things too far when playing live dealer casino games, as bad behaviour (or what is judged to be bad behaviour) can see you kicked out of the room and potentially barred from playing the games full stop.

Live Casino Games

What you get in a life dealer casino experience is essentially what you would have access to in a landbased casino. The majority of games you would find online are available, aside from slots, and a few other games which are not supported by the live casino format.

That being said roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, and other notable table games will be covered. These are the staple games of any live dealer casino in the UK, and as such, most live dealer platforms will have a number of variations of these games on their site.  That said, it is always advisable to check the casino first before you sign up to avoid any disappointment further down the line.

For the most part, you will find everything you want when playing live dealer games. Everything you can expect to find at a casino will still be available to you, and there is absolutely no obligation to keep playing if you do not want to. This is the great thing about having so much in terms of options.

As for the games themselves, we take a look at the most popular types you can find in a live dealer casino.

Live Blackjack

Don't tell me that there is any live dealer casino that doesn't have blackjack. It would be simply unthinkable. Blackjack is game which deserves its place in any casino, regardless of the platform.

In blackjack, you, the player, is aiming to battle and beat the dealer. Where things are different in a live casino environment in comparison to a standard online casino is that you will be able to judge a dealer's face when you win, and dish out some healthy and friendly banter. Blackjack transfers easily to a live casino, and especially well on a live casino that is played via a mobile or device.

It is worth knowing that there are table limits in a live dealer platform, too. Given the money you wish to play with, you will be assigned to a table with other players with the same bankroll. This will also determine the dealer you get. In one case, a reviewer of a specific live dealer casino pointed out that the most attractive dealer on the site was assigned to the high-roller poker tables. Not all sites operate in this manner, however.

If you have never sampled the joys of playing blackjack from the comfort of your couch on a rainy day off - while all your colleagues are working their hangovers away - you should give it a shot.

Live Roulette

Roulette is regarded as the most popular casino game among UK players and even around the world. A contributing factor to this success is that it is a casino game designed to be played by multiple players. Playing the game with friends, family, and even colleagues can really add to the fun. In times where you are at a loose end, live dealer casino roulette can be a decent substitute.

For the entertainment value, it cannot be disputed. Roulette is a highly sociable game and it is always good when you are playing against others. The best part of a round of roulette is when you are playing with a group, and only you have picked the winning number. Watching the faces of the others certainly adds to the excitement.

The popularity of live roulette is growing massively. In the UK and other countries around the world, there are late nights and even prime TV stations which allows players to call in and place bets. From here, they can then watch the action on screen. For those who have done this and enjoyed it, live dealer roulette on a site can offer the same action but in a more controllable manner.

When it comes down to the game itself, it is bread and butter. There are a number of bets you can place which will earn you varying odds. The most popular bet, however, is on a single number. If the ball lands on your number, you get your hands on a sweet 35-1 for your bet. That means if you put £10 on a winning number, you earn £360.

Live Poker

Poker... where to start? Well, we can begin by pointing out that it is one of the most popular games of any kind on planet earth. The evidence for this is that there are thousands of sites and casinos out there which provide a number of poker games for enthusiasts to have a crack on. Supply and demand, after all...

When it comes to playing any kind of poker game, manners are essential. This is even more so when playing in a live dealer environment. You will be reminded that poker etiquette is crucial, so less of the limping and distractions, please! Behaving yourself should come natural, of course, but not everyone at the tables - regardless of where they are - will be completely in control of their emotions.

When it comes to Live casino poker games, they can be easy enough to pick up on. The rules are pretty much the same, although there will be a massive spotlight on you! Just jesting, of course; you may be surprised at how accessible poker is in this format.

Pros of Playing Live Casino Games

Well, for a start, you can see what's going on. This is a controlled environment which is beamed into the homes and on the devices of thousands of people. This would naturally make things safer, and it definitely satisfies many players.

Another notable benefit for players is that they can avail of a cool environment which can make them feel included. The comprehensive and authentic casino experience while on the move or simply at home is the Shangri-la many look for. Think about it: you can talk to other players and chat away to dealers, making live casinos excellent platforms for the more sociable among us.

A nice additional extra is that games tend to be quicker when playing in a live dealer casino. Some variations of roulette, for example, have 30 seconds in between rounds which can really add to the sense of excitement and urgency.

Cons of Playing Live Casino

While some games can be quicker, there are others which can lag or be protracted given the fact that more players are involved. So, if you only have a limited period of time to play, factor this in to avoid disappointment.

As with anything online, you will be depending heavily on an internet connection. Slow internet speeds make for really frustrating times for players. Some games will not be able to be played at their best due to a shoddy connection, which means that the visual aspect of the games will cut out. With no satellite feed, the point of playing live dealer casino games kinda loses its point...

If you have a good internet connection and have a solid platform from which to play, you should find that snags and problems are few and far between.

Getting Started

You will need access to these games before you can play them, so the first thing to do is to sign up for a casino (that is unless you already have an account). The next step is to make sure that they actually have a live casino, and that you can use your chosen banking method to deposit to and withdraw from your account. From here you can then choose which game you would like to play.

The stake or amount you wish to deposit is up to you, but do take care in choosing a room where the minimum and maximum bets are within your range. There are plenty of games you will find which have reasonably small or considerably large stake allowances, so take a little look around before you just dive into any room or table.

If you do have any questions regarding a game, you can either look through the site's FAQs or speak to the dealer. The chances are you will be more than looked after!


For many casino enthusiasts, playing live dealer games is an absolute non-negotiable when it comes to signing up to a site. Once you have sampled the fruits of a live casino, it can be hard to go back to playing games with standard software. The immersive and exciting nature of these live dealer games makes for such a different experience and one which has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years.

Live dealer games are the pinnacle of a casino, and generally act as an indication of just how good a casino is. You can play pretty much any game with ease, and the great part is there are plenty out there to try your luck on.